• My solution would be for the rich kids and poor kids to trade places for a while, so that each of them know how the other have lives and survives on a day to day basis. Nothing changes a persons perspective than to walk in another person's shoes.
  • The administration in my district bends over backwards to prevent this from happening. If it is happening in your district, you should engage the local PTA or PTO, whose mission is to be "one voice" for ALL children. Our parent teacher organization sponsors field trips, camps, tutoring, specialized teaching materials, etc. to help ensure equal opportunity for all students. In addition, the teaching staff for each grade level meets to discuss each student (not just the 20-30 in their individual classroom). They discuss strengths and weaknesses and take turns working with those falling behind in small focused groups while the remaining teachers oversee those students capable of succeeding with less assistance.
  • uniforms are a start. They can express their individuality with their personalities.
  • Sadly, this is nothing new at all. This has been happening for thousands of years, to one extent or another. The key is parental involvement with their own children to teach them the reality of life AND for the teachers to focus their abilities where they are really needed. And some people do just that. I certainly had wonderful parents and MANY wonderful teachers who did just that. The same type of thing can be said about students who were bullies...and the solution is generally the same.
  • Scholarships and stuff like that. Get support from your community. I find that that doesn't really happen where I live. Well, it might, but I haven't really heard of it. There are many great opportunities here for rich and not so rich people alike. The people who complain usually don't really get involved in the first place.

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