• well sometimes youll never get it back...or so called "lost in the mail" but i believe really that either the mail man or someone to that extent takes the mail that is interesting...
  • Sometimes it does take a while. I know my Mom sent out some mail in late November early December and didn't get it back until almost the end of January.
  • And sometimes, they lose them. That's why I never use the USPS!
  • A letter with no postage will be returned to sender for postage. A package with no postage is a different story. Due to terrorism, a package with no postage could be considered a suspicious package. It may have been destroyed if it looked suspicious. How did you manage to mail a package with no postage? They don't usually fit in a mail box. If you had a return address on your package and it didn't appear suspicious, then it should be returned to you for postage.
  • call the post office and ask them that question

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