• I got my Direct TV installed for FREE .... However; I have to pay $4.99 for each additional box over one ... PLUS the DVR HD Fee .... As soon as my one year is over ; I'm going back to Cable ... at keast it doesn't go out during cloudy and rainy times ..
  • Sort of. I questioned some of the bill and fought with them over the pricing and won my argument, but it wasn't a bait and switch tactic, but rather an uninformed customer service representative. In the end, my satellite package of 250+ channels, plus all the movie channels and some adult ones cost $115 each month. That being said, it would be nice if any of the satellite companies offered a no-sports package that had everything BUT any of the sports channels, which I *NEVER* watch, so they just go to waste. They make a ton of money off of me because some of the channels I do watch are only offerred on the package that has all the sports channels too. <grrr>

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