• There can be several causes for this, few of which you can do anything about. However, a few things to try. 1) Replace the batteries on your remote control. 2) Try resetting the logic functions on your tv by unplugging it for a minute, then plugging it back in. 3) Try covering up the infra-red receptor on the front of your TV to see if you're getting unwanted signals from the receptor. taping a piece of foil over that area is perfect. If it doesn't stop after doing these two things you'll probably need to take it to a shop. 4) If this does stop it, then look for unexpected signal sources. Have you added a remote control extender? Added a new device to your audio-video system? Changed to a new remote? Good luck with your problem...I hope you can work it out.
  • i have a toshiba and it turns on for two scounds then goes off and does seem to turn on if i try again useing the remote it only turns on wen i plug it in then unplug it and just for 2 secounds
  • I had this happen to me just last night. I noticed that it happened as soon as I turned to a particular digital channel. It would turn on and off quicker than I could change channels. To correct this: 1. Remove the cable input, the coaxial cable, from the TV 2. Turn the TV on 3. Change to a different channel 4. Delete the channel that was giving you problems from the lineup 5. Reconnect coaxial cable and you are ready to enjoy TV again.

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