• FLirting makes you feel alive. As long as that's all it is, I don't see anything wrong with it.
  • Flirting is normal, natural and harmless, to a certain extent. If it "lingers", or gets "touchy"..not good.
  • Flirting keeps our feelings real and alive it builds confidence providing you don't hurt people in the process ... deep inside we all know who we love ...
  • well yes .how would you like it?
  • I am a natural born flirt.. love it! The only way I can think to answer your question is that I would not do anything away from my fiance' that I would not do with him around. Every now and then you get a little current between you and someone else.. human nature in the attraction department.. and you might look twice or find yourself smiling at their attention that would probably not go over well with your significant other .. but this is all again.. human nature.. it is.. not acting on it or letting the other person feel they have room to maneuver into making a personal relationship past just the flirtatious moment.. that is important. Like someone else said.. it can really make you feel alive, wanted and desireable.. It should be just a moment.. not a moment that leads to another moment with the same person. . . . just my opinion.
  • Flirting's different for everyone, depending on their style of doing it. as far as it being wrong or right...well, if it bothers your boyfriend or girlfriend, that's something to consider. but if it doesn't then whatever. if you have fun and don't feel bad doing it, sounds good.
  • I say its wrong. If you love someone, you wouldn't even think of flirting with someone else.
  • Well innocent flirting can give some people the wrong idea. You may see it as just screwing around but you never know who may think of it as something more.
  • everyone flurts no one noes wats considered flurting its something u cant control. your boyfriend probably flurts also
  • is rapping about someone elses tits consider crossing the line.
  • Depends how far you are going with the flirting. Nothing wrong with a little harmless fun but don't go out of your way to make your boyfriend jealous.
  • Every couple has its own guidelines about what's acceptable and what's not. Some people are naturally more flirty than others. Some people put up with their significant others flirting more. In general, if you wouldn't do it with your boyfriend around or knowing about it, you shouldn't do it.
  • personally id go crazy if my gf was a big flirter... its just me ... im the jelous type i spose ...
  • Don't test the ice, it might break
  • You may want to avoid discussions. Avoid it!
  • probably

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