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  • No. I think it's perfectly natural. I wish I knew the "details" as to the "why" she's doing it, though!
  • Unless it is work related and she skips the "getting loaded" I'd say you are on the way to a divorce.
  • A marriage license is NOT some kind of "property deed," and doesn't signify ownership. All of my ladies have known in advance, that they have my unconditional permission and consent to do whatever they wish, with whomever they wish. If you don't TRUST your mate unconditionally and totally, then you do not deserve to HAVE one. +5
  • I don't think I would have a problem with it if I knew I could trust her. Although this guy might be hoping something would come from it, if your wife had no intention of letting anything happen I think she could be trusted.
  • You shouldnt feel jealous, now if shed not told you the truth about going and lied about it then you get to be pissed but she has nothing to hide, thats why she told you the truth
  • I would too feel jealous at this situation!
  • If it was related to business I wouldnt care. But if it wasnt, hmmmmm there would be cause for concern.
  • I don't care what any of the women say on here, and it makes no difference if the guy is married or not, the wife is doing a BIG no-no, and it is COMPLETELY unacceptable!
  • I feel that she has nothing to hide that is why she told you, it almost seems like she is putting you through a test of sorts to see your reaction. I do however feel she is being quite unfair with your feelings so I have to say shame on her for putting you in this obviously uncomfortable frame of thought. I would never do this to my husband. He trusts me whole heartedly and I would never want to put him in a situation where he may start to doubt me.
  • There can be a number of different things involved here. Is it related to work? Is it a good friend whom has asked for help with a situation in their personal lives. Do the husband and wife have an open marriage agreement? and many others including being in a polyandrious marriage. Jealousy can be summed up in a few words, fear you do not equal the woman or man your S/O is with. Mistrust of others. Here is a breif bit of information as described in polyfidelity but is the best I have available right now. I hope this helps
  • My wife has several married male friends with whom she sometimes gets together.
  • no, you are not wrong (unless this is a group function of some sort)does his wife knwo about thier dinner date? The way I see it, if this were a friendly dinner, the spouses would be invited. They are not invited because this is a DATE.
  • Well if it is work related NO..But if not and they are working together and wanting to have dinner, there is a big problem, How did you find out about this, she told you?
  • If he is justing wining and dining her and not 69ing her I would feel okay. But I am a chick. I would be happy somoene else was footing the bill so I didn't have to.
  • You FEEL what you feel...there is no right or wrong to what a person FEELS and this is making you feel very uncomfortable and sad! Under the circumstances...I FEEL you are pretty justified. Frankly, I would have tagged along. This isn't's one on one...and one of them is way to many for my comfort zone.... It is one thing for two friends (even of the opposite sex) to go to an event they both enjoy, but their spouses/partners have no interest in...but another to set up a DATE NIGHT! (and that's what this sounds like to me!)
  • Well, I wouldn't feel jealous. Plenty of people are friends with members of the opposite sex. Not all men are after sex and not all women are after cuddles. Only you can know why you feel jealous...try and figure out what it is...
  • if it was business meeting, then its fine. otherwise i would be hurt.
  • I would be pissed.....unless it was business related...getting loaded does not sound professional....
  • What are the circumstance's behind this? Is it her boss, were you not invited? Does she want to go or is it work related? You have to tell us more.
  • If she was up front about it and making sure it was OK with me,I wouldn't worry. If I found out second hand I'd be concerned. We are both people and have friends and have fun. Doesn't mean anything's going on. In that situation I would ask if I could come along some time. If not, I'd wonder, if so, I'd feel him out and see how he reacts to me. I don't think it's a reason to be immediately jealous, but I do think it's reason to investigate.
  • After awhile people find all sorts of outlet to get some kind of thrill. One of these is bumping into old flames and trying to find out about how much things have changed or not changed. Depending on your partners' personality and openess, this "date" could be either told beforehand or after or even kept as secret. Depending on the strength of the couples- Some will not be comfortable for valid reasons while others will totally trust and the outcome will be interesting.. if it's just a curious innocent thrill "date" then the whole experience will be related back to the partner in honest truth. Personally I had this encounter and went on 3 dates with my ex flame. Though we are both attached. But my date with her is just to catch up on news of her life after we split. I broke off with her. My partner was understanding and trusted me. It was good to meet her again. We didn't part peacefully and during all these years I always wanted to close it in a better way. I guess the chance came and now both of us know why we were not meant to be together after all. Case closed. Sometimes paths get crossed for a good reason.
  • If I found out this happened regularly, yeah, I'd just move on, no discussion. She's playing you for a chump. Let her come home to an empty house and a letter from your lawyer stating that she will be assuming the full financial burden for the house, but you will be taking half the equity, the furniture, and the dog.
  • Let her go . You deserve someone better.

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