• I found out that when you teach yourself things, u rember it better
  • Yes. Examples, Walt Disney, Harlan Sanders, Ray Croc, and the founder of Woolworths.
  • Sure. Many success stories abound about people who became successful in business and commerce without a formal college education or degree. It is not as likely to happen, but that also depends on your definition of success. If you mean can they create or get a good paying job and be good at what they do and very productive,. Yes for sure. If you mean can they become an entrepreneur like Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates, and become a millionaire or a billionaire, those are possible, but less likely scenarios without college, but they are certainly possible.
  • Yes without a doubt ,a lot of the most successful businessmen have not had a really top class Formal education
  • yes, you can be successful if you are that determined... having formal education would be an added credential on you...
  • Of course you can, take a look at Bin Laden! Oh wait......
  • Sure, Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's was a high school dropout (who worked with Harlan Sanders, see the answer given by Petrusromanus) Excerpts from He (Thomas) was then offered a chance to turn around a failing Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Working with KFC founder Col. Harland Sanders, Dave turned four failing stores into million-dollar successes. He later sold his KFC franchises and opened his first Wendy's in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969.. . Thomas, realizing that his success as a high school dropout might convince other teenagers to leave school (something he later admitted was a mistake), became a student at Coconut Creek High School. He earned a GED in 1993. ------ I agree with Thomas that dropping out is not a great idea. Better to get as much education as possible :)
  • Of course you can it's all in the want to - Though Education can't hurt
  • yeah you can, it's just easier and safer if you do have a degree...
  • Absolutely! It's often been said that: The A grade students wind up working for the C grade students, and the B grade students work for the government... Attitude can't really be learned and it is attitude that makes a hell of a difference.
  • A strong yes. Life is what you make of it whether you are educated or not. Folks without an education tend to take more chances in life. That's a good thing IMO. Someone who is uneducated may bounce around between jobs and find that self employment is the only was to make a lot of money. A formal education gears students towards a particular career which after all of that school this individual is not going to want to quit. *Example: One man works as an accountant making 40K/year while his twin brother with no education is working at Taco Bell. Which brother do you think would quit his job to open his own business? That's right... the Chalupa maker! Postscript: If you are asking this question on behalf of yourself, DO NOT EVER BUY into those infomercial get rich scams. Not even the one with the two midget brothers.
  • Most definitely, education, in my opinion, is TOO formal these days, what about the stuff WE want to learn. Watch Accepted, that's the message in this movie.
  • Definitely. Too many famous success stories to discredit the lack of formal education. So many jobs now are looking more for people with experience, as opposed to education. Of course the combination of both would be optimal.
  • Yes. It's more effort than it is anything else.
  • Definately so ! In the book of Hosea, the 4th chapter in God's word it states that we are destroyed for lack of knowledge. -Buddy
  • 9-29-2017 There used to be an investment adviser named Hoard Ruff. Maybe you've heard the name. One of the things he liked to point out was that small businesses in USA have an 80% failure rate, but small businesses run by immigrants who never attended American public schools have 80% success rate. And among the people who did attend American public schools, those who dropped out are noticeably more likely to succeed in business, and the earlier they drop out the more likely they are to be successful. Let's face it: formal education has a LOUSY reputation!
  • Yup! But tough!
  • i think so

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