• you can go to
  • how do i find my subnet mask,default router,primary dns and secondary dns?and when i went to the web,i got about 24 numbers but in my psp there's only 12 numbers available to type in.
  • Or... you can open up command prompt and type in "ipconfig" (no quotations)
  • well first u need to find out if ur house has an wireless connction. if so den check at type of protection is used on the internet, once u find out find out wat da number is. after dat go to the links part of da psp and go to make a new connection and den go to da part dat ask wat ur protection is put it in and now da number will bused to find out wat da ip number is u dont have to do anything.
  • I have had my PSP for over a year and a couple of months ago I tried to format the memory stick and it said "No Memory Stick Inserted" what do I do I can't play any games or anything.
  • You Go to run command>type cmd>type in ipconfig >then you can check it from here.

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