• If the umpire calls it a foul ball, then the umpire is incorrect. Home plate is considered part of fair territory. However, if the umpire called it foul and does not reverse his decision, then it is a foul ball and the batter returns to the batter's box. A strike is also assessed if the batter had zero or one strike.
  • It is a bad call by the ump, but once he says "Foul Ball" it is a foul ball. He should have kept his mouth shut, as ALL of home plate is in fair territory, and the play was a legal play.
  • it's fair
  • Fair Ball! Home plate is part of fair territory.
  • I say its foul, The ump should have called it before batter ran, its not fair to call it when hes at 1st already. I don't know if this is accurate..but its my opinion.
  • It doesn't matter where home plate is (It is infact in fair territory), however whether a ball is fair or foul before 1st and 3rd base is where a person touches the ball!!! The ball can land foul and then roll into fair territory and it is a fair ball!!!!!

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