• They would rather states start seceding from the union and the collapse of America over socialized ANYTHING.
  • Canada doesn't have Republicans like the U.S. does.
  • Actually it states '85% are very or somewhat satisfied'. It's the 'somewhat' you should be looking at. Try getting an ambulance when your father has a heart attack or your mother is dying of cancer. And then try finding a hospital that will take them. That will tell you what the system is like.
  • Excellent question. The statistics are VERY clear. A WHO study of health care outcomes showed that the US Health Care System is #37 in the world, behind Slovenia and ahead of Costa Rica. We're only #1 in how much we pay. The health care, pharmaceutical and insurance industries will spend hundreds of millions in lobbying and propaganda to keep it that way.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Just wait till it's free and run by the government, then see how much it costs.
  • tell that to all those doctors making fat cash from the privatized system.Its always a matter of money.and that will NEVER change.
  • because Canada does not have the greedy or unlawful or deadbeats we have.....the greedy drs. , pharmeceutical co. , the illegal immigrants we have sucking us dry in many,many ways, other than trying to "care for THEIR health care,. and the society deadbeats can't look for others to "support" their lazy,irresponsible,immoral ,LIFESTYLE....they want the Fortunate and middle income to support them.... bottom line , its a FAIR OPERATION there, here it could never be........and its just not JUST here , to make others share their American Pie...we always need assistance for the UNFORTUNATE...everyone has troubles at some point.....but we passify and take care of the lazy,low life's in a very uncivil and unfair way at the working man's expense... we passify and take care of illegals in a very uncivil and unfair way at the working man's expense...and the medical system (personnel and pharmeceutical ) gouge every penny out of the poor elderly,middle class, and unfortunate they can...... society and GOVERNMENT ,here is too UNFAIR<UNCIVIL<UNJUST....the pursuit of happiness is becoming non will taken,controlled and shared....with the greedy and lazy...thatsJustme
  • I have lived on both sides of the US/Canadian border. I think I have a fair knowledge of both systems. Ontario has the best system in Canada as far as socialized health care. Is it a perfect system? no, just like all systems it has its drawbacks. I can say however it took care of all my needs when I was with OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program)I was well pleased. I can really only speak for Ontario but they really seem to take very good care of their population very well from prenatal to grave. Here in the states the doctors and especially the insurance companies will fight in every way possible to keep out social medicine because they will loose huge profits. The have very strong lobbies in Washington DC. So don't expect to see it happen here in the states any time soon or else it will be so full of problems they will never get it straightened out as per usual. No government organization knows how to make something simple! They have to take something simple, write a half million pages of information about it and still not have a solution that works.
    • mugwort
      I suspect its the rich doctors and drug companies fearful of losing their huge salaries that there is not medicare for all in the US. They don't want to lose their cash cow. This goes for the obscenely rich execs of the HMO, PPOs too.
  • The money.
  • Profits over people.
  • America was only great because it allowed freedom to the 'rugged individualist'. Socialized medicine is just one more chink in the rusty armor of the American way of life. No wonder we are becoming more and more a laughingstock to the nations of the world. We used to lead. Now we follow like the blind sheep we have become.
  • If you could find a way to attach a free gun to socialized health care, it would pass in a heart beat.
  • Who is satisfied? Immigrants from economically depressed countries, where they did not have any health care at all? Because for people who come from the civilized countries, local system leaves much to be desired. People spend 8-10 hours in hospital admissions area. Doctors trump up any imaginable fees - block fee, medical appliances fees, transfer fee, service fee, etc. etc. Closest appointments for specialists, tests, therapy (such as MRI, even chemo!!) could be many months away. Prescription drugs are not covered and are extremely expensive. I keep hearing from people about cases that they have to go to US for their life sake, because in Canada they have to wait for operations and/or treatment, that they would rather pay and get a decent medical service then face all of there problems that come with "free" service. It's not free anyways, it all comes from tax payer's pockets.
  • for Canada to take over the US and provide health care. Wait a second, Canada is too smart for that. There are 33,212,696 Canadians as of 1 Jan 09. That is the population of California* You can't compare the two. What are the costs of health care in both countries** , availability of health care and treatment options. *( or number of Madonna's lovers) ** as percentage of GNP
  • republicans
  • Maybe those 85% are those that are generally healthy and the 15% are the ones actually sick enough to use the system.
  • Is it really accurate to call the system in Canada "socialized health care?" I thought Canada had a single-payer national health insurance system, but that most physicians are in private practice. (In other words, social health insurance, not socialized medicine.) I have lived in Denmark, where they do have a socialized medicine system -- in which most doctors are government employees, hospitals are publicly owned, etc. At least that's what I've understood the distinction to be.
  • I don't think 85% is a satisfactory percentage, sorry. Everyone in the US should have a basic level of health care (we could stop spending so much money on weapons which we can't afford and hiring war contractors because we don't have the draft). If I'm not happy with the basic level then I should be able to purchase a better policy that suits me better . . . but everyone should have SOME basic health care. Children should have complete health care until they are AT LEAST 18. 21 would be preferable. This should include vision and dental for children. Basic health care and basic education are necessary for successful adulthood. I don't believe in extending a terminal condition other then making them comfortable.
  • The other 20% to fall in line.
  • The US already has socialized healthcare. The VA. And we can all see what a f*ckin mess that is, especially considering it is the second biggest department in the US government, behind the DoD.
  • When I was a landed immigrant in Canada I was with O.H.I.P. in Ontario. I can't say it didn't have problems but it was for sure better than here in the states. As an example I cut my forehead requiring me to go to the ER in Goderich Ontario. The doctor put three stitches and I returned two weeks later to the ER to have the stitches removed. Total cost $349. I was not on OHIP yet so I had to pay for it myself. Had I been on OHIP it would have been no cost. When I came to the states I was working on my pickup when a wrench slipped cutting my lip. I went to the ER and after many questions and waiting I was finally able to get my lip sewed up with one stitch. The stitch came out on its own about two hours later. The cost was $8000 dollars! I'm glad I had insurance. The health system in the USA stinks!
  • Bellow at Congress they are the ones who vote things in or not.

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