• Yes, but the nature of anger is such that it's unpredictable. It's hard to control when, and to whom, and to what degree, and for what, and in what way one will become angry.
  • yes, by choice I guess you can, but do you need to ?
  • I belive you could but it would be rare.You would be able to achieve this easier if it was a one on one scenario without interuption.
  • Yeah, anger is natural so there must be a reason for it
  • if i all right then what about left all...
  • As long as you are completely in control of your emotions of course you can.
  • Yes. I have to make a great show of anger and it has its effect on those it is directed to.
  • I don't know because "right" means different things to different people. The person may not think any of it is right and onlookers or friends may think some of it is right and some is not. One cannot objectively evaluate one's thoughts, words or is all subjective. Others who are onlookers are also subjective to one degree or another. So I think your question is unanswerable! Happy Friday! :)
  • Only occasionaly.If I don`t really get too mad.
  • i got mad at all the questions in the question...+5.jk
  • Excellent question. Now you have me reading up on constructive anger. What you may be referring may be described as like righteous indignation. Determining what is right in degree, time and purpose may not be so easy to determine. Some recent studies support your angle of exploration: And here's another resource that sheds positive light on measured anger expression;

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