• i don't get the perks others do..
  • Nope, i dont see people for ethnicity. One day we'll all be some sort of tan-gray colour anyway :)
  • Unfortuately yes, I'm white.
  • I can make the pasta baby
  • Nope, I don't see the world in black and white, I see the true vibrant color of the hearts of those I meet.
  • Not at all.
  • No not really, neither does my gender. Then again I am not a member of the minority suppressed white male club.
  • Yes me being black sometimes affects the way I view things, how I approach certain people how I say certain things. I wouldnt say I have a chip on my shoulder as a lot of people say I do because I dont think me being blacks hinder my relationship with people black and nonblack because im a very laid back person and im cool with everyone. but small thing irritate me because If I know it repersent racist bs or just bs towards me peroid it just gets on my nerve. Like the other day when the police had the audacity "to pull up next to my baby brother and said where did you get the bike is it yours"? I mean if I was with him it would've been a big conflict I don't let some stuff as easy as others do because of personal experience because of what has happen to me resulting from the color of my skin. Also I have a disposition to things people do that affect me negatively. I dont like bringing idiots around who I know will create more problems for me. Members of my family say thats wrong im acting funny when certain people are barred from my house. But my restrictions on those who can be in my presenece is non theives and non jacka****. The more wrong they do the more likely it will force me to jump off the deep end with these police out here. And jacka***** in general just irritate me.
  • Absolutely. I'm a pure-bred WASP. Living in the USA. That makes me part of the "power elite" so I don't have to look over my shoulder, police don't harass me, my insurance is cheaper, nobody look sat me in a funny way, I can dress up or down and expect to be treated with respect, I was taught "proper" grammar and intonation so when I talk over the phone I'm immediately accepted. When I interviewed for my first job nobody asked peculiar questions. All my life I've enjoyed this privilege. I've never had to be concerned about so many things in my life that I have difficulty acknowledging the challenges that other ethnicities contend with every day.
  • ya, I cant get govronment grants and sympathy from others.
  • I'm not religeous so not really.
  • sometimes my dreams and goals for life appear unrealistic to some
  • No, I don't believe so.
  • Yes, sometimes people assume I can't speak English or I will automatically give them attitude.
  • Not any practical way that I've ever noticed. I have fun with it, though. One of my friends asked me if people from Guatemala have guatemelons imported or if the just grow them here. (not actually Guatemalan just Hispanic) I asked him if fat white guys only screw their own sister or if mom was sometimes on the menu.
  • There are certain neighborhoods that I simply cannot go into and come out unscathed.
  • ......yep...hips don't lie......Latinas can shake it....... =)
  • ancestors are Armenian. I'm first-generation American. Everything I do I bring me to it. I don't know how to separate ethnicity from myself, do you? :)
  • +5. Sure. I am a White American and I drive a pick up truck and love the rebel flag and listen to country music. Also, I love hot dogs and cheese burgers. But I think all people live from their ethnic background to some extent and I think it is wonderful
  • Yes, finnish people are stereotyped here.
  • Yes. Sometimes I go out of my way to do stuff because I know that I'm a representative of my culture and I want others to see my culture in a positive way. Sometimes I have also taken advantage of my ethnicity and pretended not to understand English. Heh heh Growing up was a challenge. I think I'm pretty cynical and keep others at arm's length because I was called names in middle school on a DAILY basis. High school was fine, but grades 6 to 8 were very hard. Sigh.
  • It hasn't so far ... except some people have asked what "nationality" I am since I am olive skinned and of Italian heritage. I always told them I'm American.
  • Not one iota. My attitude and self-esteem has affected my life drastically. People are mean no matter what color/nationality/race one is. Actually, it has in two ways....I'm a great cook with an excellent palatte and I can speak Spanish like a native.
  • Not at all.
  • of course, i was raised to have respect, work hard, tend my kids and family ,pay my taxes, show hospitality, do unto others, pray and give thanks, has always affected my life and the people i have met ...they'd pick on me for my southern accent, but always in a good way and i have been called out on the "respect" i was raised with...but that was their problem ,not mine, yes it has , everyday of my life ...its who I am , my cultural characteristics..that i am proud of in a humble way....:)thatsJustme
  • I have to be very conscious of reapplying sunblock in the summer or my pasty scottish skin will burn to a crisp....does that count??

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