• We, J.W's.. regard the preaching of the good a life saving operation...your life... It is a warning message that those who are not properly,obedient to Jesus' teachings will be classed as wicked and destroyed at Armageddon salm 37:29 If we fail to warn you, WE are then bloodguilty as regards to you... We are not there to ' convert' anyone...but if you do, it is your decision to do so based on the information received and accepted. Leaving yourdecision till the last moment will not be Jehovah...because we do not know when that last moment will be. (Matthew 24:36)
  • When they came to my door I would always invite them in and have a nice conversation. I look for the common ground and leave the rest. If they are "attached" to saving me, they will be disappointed.
    • pugwashjw65
      We are not about ' saving' you...just supplying the Bible information that you can use to save yourself...By supplying this information [via a Bible study ] we are no longer " blood guilty" [ responsible for ] in respects to your particular outcome...Our growth as a religious group does not depend on numbers...[ as in the RCC baptizing babies ] Every gain of an individual is due to THEIR decision to make changes in their lives.
  • I've only ever had them door chapping three times in my life. Each time you give them five minutes, look them in the eye as if you're listening and then say "sounds interesting and I will come down and see you later". The same trick works with door salesmen too. You have made no commitment but not gave them a "no" to get all bitchy about either. Both are doing a "job" in their view. So no point arguing merits with them.
    • pugwashjw65
      See my answer to Roaring.
  • i dont really see them much
  • Jehovah's witnesses for the most part believe what I believe worshiping almighty god Jehovah and obeying the perfect example of Jesus Christ. So when Jehovah's witnesses come around and knock on my door we don't have a problem if they'll take my offering of food or drink because it's hot outside I'll be glad to provide it. If they'll take a dollar or two for the literature that they leave I'll be glad to give it to them it cost money to drive their cars and to bring you that literature I don't want to be a leech

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