• I believe "Extortion" would be the correct word. :)
  • But theft is *not* defined as taking from another by use of force. It is not theft to reclaim your own property from a thief. It is not theft to claim a clearly owed debt by the use of bailiffs. Equally, picking pockets and shoplifting do not use force but are still theft. Theft is taking that to which you are not entitled, with or without force. Now, it is a matter of debate whether the government is entitled to levy taxes, and how much they are entitled to do so. But if they are so entitled, then it is not theft to collect them. There is an argument that any organisation, from a health club to a nation, is entitled to levy membership fees. In the case of the Government, these fees are called taxes. If you don't want to be a member, leave the club. This argument may or may not be realistic, but you must answer it before you call taxation theft.
  • Theft is not taking by force, but taking unlawfully. The government makes the laws, so it can simply declare it lawful and it is not theft.

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