• about as accurate as every new year model car that comes out is better than the last.
  • I think that would be an inaccurate statement.
  • Whoever said that never met Paris Hilton.
  • I'd say this is generally accurate, although the differences may be very small from one to the next. Additionally there are some obvious examples of retrograde steps such as the Nazi generation. However overall I'd agree.
  • far from the truth since people started thinking that they could charge others for land that they supposedly owned.
  • I believe every generation learns from the last ... not necessarily an improvement ... People are still starving, human babies are being aborted, the world environment is still declining, wars are still being committed, and animals are still being used as though here only to benefit mankind. Much to learn ... Much more to improve.
  • Listen to anybody over the age of fifty at any point in the history of civilization and they all say the same things: The world is going to the dogs, and the young are not as good, not as clever, not as well educated, not as sexy, not even as well-dressed as we were when we were young. And as somebody who was a teenager in the '60s I have to concur.
  • some Generations are ... some Generations are not and I am afraid that the last 2 generations have not been ...mind you the last Generation is the worst of the lot
  • One generation cannot be better than the other. They just grow up in different environments, so they are different, but you can't compare them in terms of which one is better, because that doesn't make any sense. Besides, the current generation is always looked down upon by the generations that came before it, because they are no longer a part of the young culture like they were when they were young, and they don't understand it anymore. This is what causes some people to say things like video games make kids kill people and rock and roll music is the devil.
  • I would disagree with that statement. I really can't think of anything that has improved since I was young. We didn't have school shootings and kids weren't killing other kids, Gangs existed but only in small isolated areas. Things were safer. Government was less intrusive. We are fighting two wars with no clear goal or reason for being there and is no end in sight and our government is escalating the conflicts with no logical explanation. People everywhere seem bitter, hateful, selfish and unconcerned with the plight of others. I'm 37 and every decade seems worse than the last. I really have not seen anything that has improved.
  • I don't believe it.
  • Personally, I believe that, if a person has had a bad upbringing and is aware of it, then the statement is true. For example, a female friend of mine had parents who didn't give much care to her when she was growing up, so now, she provides care & support to her children as an improvement from the mistake her parents made of not giving enough attention and caring for her. What's making the "New Generation" or "Generation Y" or whatever it's called so looked down upon is the fact that newer generations challenge the authority more than, say, 50 years ago. Also, kids & teens are becoming more like adults earlier. They're exposed to adult-oriented things earlier. In some cases it's bad -- such as alcohol, sex, violence (school shootings occured extremely rarely in older times -- but in other cases its a good thing. Children are being educated more in schools. A personal example for me is that, the mathematics methods taught in university in my mother's time was taught to me when I was 15.
  • Nonsense. Humans behave the same way in every generation.
  • Where did you hear that? I would say that it's the total opposite.

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