• That's incredible. Congratulations.
  • Congrats!!! That's truely awesome & you should be proud! I could barely come up with gas & boozze money when I was 20.
  • I think that's terrific! Hope you're investing it wisely and continue the habit of saving for the rest of your life. Well done!
  • You're looking good. Just a few more years and a couple grand more, and you could be looking at your own house.
  • I saved up $2,300. then got a student loan and blew it all on university life. (pizza,books, tuition.. ect) now I'm $25,000 in debt and I can't afford to get back to school.
  • That's a lot, especially considering a lot of people around our age waste their money on things they do NOT need. Congratulations!
  • You've done very, very, very well, for any age, but especially for someone your age. Now, reward yourself, while continuing to work for more money, by not spending this saved money, but by investing it "Safely" and allowing your saved money to work for you. This saved money represents financial security for you, as long as you don't spend it. Let it grow and grow and grow. Congratulations, I hope you are proud of yourself.
  • You have done very well for yourself, especially at the age of twenty. But I would encourage you to keep going and keep saving, it will make things so much easier later on in life. Remember what I've told you in the past, one day you can have your own restaurant and be a successful chef / business man, instead of being the cook for someone else. Work towards a goal. :)
  • You are a phenomenon...good for you. Invest it wisely. I didn't have any savings until I was about 45...lived paycheck to awfully stressful situation. You could be a millionaire someday, if that is what you want.....
  • KUDOS !! You have done VERY well for yourself !! YES: in this day and age ; saving that kind of money by age 20 is definately a BIG / HUGE achievement !! What a shame that more young people such as yourself can't do what you have done .... I really admire you .... By the time I was 20 ; OH those many years ago ; I was in the US Military ... Got out and purchased my 1st Home at 21 .... Since then, I've owned ten houses,Three Duplexes, two apartment complexes, eight businesses , served in Federal Law Enforcement (CIA and FBI) and am now mostly RETIRED at going on the big 60 ....
  • That is great, I don't think I had $3000 in pocket when I was 20 years old. That was the price of a new car back then. I remember the bill board advertising a new Chevrolet Impala, the caption said, "Still under $3000" PS: $3000 is about equal to $25,000 today depending upon what measure you are using. Shrinkage!
  • Good to see you again Answerbeggar! And well done for all that saving! Now you know that it was worthwhile doing all that work 7 days a week and living in shared accommodation. I hope you spend it wisely!!!
  • Yes it is. It's significant. I was still having to work for a living when I was 20.
  • not bad i have somewhere around $3000 and im 17, and i thought that was good!
  • youre lucky, i wish i couldve achieved that
  • Way more than most post-teens, so yeah, a big achievement. Now don't go telling anyone you have it, or the leeches in your life will bleed you dry. Very little when i was twenty.
  • that's excellent! take your time and spend it wisely. keep up the good work.

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