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  • Withdraw yourself from the situation immediately, to give your mum time to cool down. And, in the future, watch for signs that an argument is getting way out of hand, and, once again, politely end it. if, however, this is a regular threat, or your mum is hitting you repeatedly, then go for help, both for yourself and for your mum. all the best.
  • okay, since everyone's down-rating me for my answer, then I'll change it. You mom is wrong, go to the cops. You should try to talk to her or your father and get her to stop threatening you with violence. WTF was so wrong with my answer? I don't know, there are too many damn trolls on this site, and people who don't appreciate good f-ing answers.
  • What did you do? were you being a rude teenager, rebelling? I am sure it was a threat out of frustration. Sometimes parents say thing that really aren't going to do! it is usually out of frustration because of kids doing the wrong thing. Maybe you should think of what you did, at 14 is an age of going against what your parents want. Trying to get your mum into trouble is wrong because you are mad at her now too! Talk to her and sort this out calmly.
  • i don't think it's wrong. your mom can say whatever she wants to you - she is your mom! plus, she hasn't even hit you yet - and you're asking if threatening you is wrong? i think not. if your mom is really physically abusing you and attacking you - and threatening your life, mental health, then there is something wrong.
  • Correct whatever behavior that provoked the threat. Most parents dont just threaten out of the blue. Edit*** I never once said that hitting is OK and what I am reading from the question this is something new so even a threat is not commonplace in this situation let alone abuse. I do not condone hitting a child.
  • Back away. Don't antagonise her further because then whilst it is child abuse it's also aggravated assault - not just assault. Aggravated is when one party has, knowingly or otherwise, triggered off the perpetrator and the perpetrator has reacted with assault. Try taking yourself to your room or a safe place - go for a walk even and come back when you think she's calm. If you're worried about being abused, start keeping a diary and if she does hit you and leave bruises take photos and document them (get a friend to help if not willing to go to your school, a doctor or the authorities). With her threatening to hit you it's a sign that she's not coping with what's going on or she's choosing to cope negatively. She needs to stop and think about what she's doing. I'm not suggesting you point this out to her - if you do, it's your choice entirely. Do you have another parent or an older sibling or even a relative you can seek out help from? When she threatens to hit you is it after arguments - start watching what happens, take note of the signs. Also take note of your feelings, what you're saying. I'm not saying violence is ever right but are you arguing with her over things you shouldn't? I'd like to say that those of us who haven't ever used violence are free of it but we all get tempted. But the difference is that not all of us do it. She could also be threatening to hit you because of her own childhood or a bad relationship she had in which being hit became part of the relationship itself. I'm sorry if that's an upsetting thing - I'm not here to make you feel awful or open up feelings that may not necessarily apply to your situation. You could just have a mom that's angry and thinks violence is okay - and she may never have gone through any abuse herself. I don't know either her or yourself well enough to make a judgement. All I'm encouraging you to do is to think about what's going on and what happens leading up to her reacting with a threat to hit you. Oh and by the way, a threat depending on how it's made, how often, under what circumstances can be considered as a form of abuse - especially if it's used as a form of controlling the person being threatened.
  • It certainly isnt right, but she has never raised a hand to you, means it is an idle threat, nothing more, nothing less. Parents say things out of fear, frustration or anger when they have teenagers, but acting on it, is a different issue.
  • I think you need to talk to her and your father at the same time and find out why she is threating to hit you. If that don't work then talk to someone you trust and see what you can come up with.
  • Yes I do have an older brother who is a Doctor his name is Yoaav Krauthammer he is willing to help do that thanks Adi
  • Start behaving.
  • You think you can take her?

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