• I am not a parent. Not by a long shot. However, it tends to get increasingl awkward as they mature into their tweens and teens. You should probably nix it when they are a couple years shy of double digit age(s).
  • probably when they start to talk, not long after that anyways
  • Before I had kids, I would have said age 2 or thereabout. Now, I know how easy it is to go from one day to the next and not change your routine. My son is 7 and still sees me dress on occasion.
  • For the same gender, never. For the opposite gender, whenever you or they start feeling uncomfortable with it. Generally, I would say about school age, just for your own safety. Too many absurd people would hop on the phone to CPS in a hurry if they heard little Johny saw his mommy naked.
  • Around the same time they don't want you in the bathroom when they are using the toilet.... I think it depends on everyones comfort.
  • I'd say when they start noticing when your naked. My son is 2 and even tho he doesnt know the difference yet i feel uncomfortable when he sees me naked and start laughing (havent figured out whats so funny yet but he goes crazy giggles on me) Really depends on comfort level and when they notice.
  • my mum still changes infront of me now and im 15! me and my mum are comfortable getting changed with eachother like when we go shopping swimming im a girl by the way if you have a son i would say when he starts noticing that o.m.g my mums naked! hope this helped
  • To this day my kids will walk into the bathroom when I'm on the toilet and try to talk to me. LOL When they get old enough when changing gets uncomfortable you will know. If I had to pick an age I would saw right around the time they start school
  • Thats SUCH A difficult question My kids are 12 and 9, they often come in the bathroom while Im showering, or walk in my room whilst getting changed. we all have simillar things so I dont see a harm
  • i havea 4 year old and i don't change in front of him, but it's more of a personal choice. my mom changes in front of him when she watches him. it's one of those things that if you've always been open about bodies than you don't ever have to stop. but if you want them to know the difference between right and wrong times to change in front of people you should just tell them how you feel about it. i'm also very modest and my WHOLE family was shocked when i told them i was pregnant.
  • I think it depends on your childrens sex... I think it's normal for a mother to change in front of her daughters longer than a mother in front of her son... the same thing goes for a father...

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