• Oreo's a 6 year old border collie. He's smart and loves escaping my clutches.
  • Dead. :(
  • Archie's a 9year old boxer. Is up for anything, especially rides in the car! He can be hyperactive and playful one mintute then fall alseep with you the next =].
  • My dog Monte is a mix of terrier and jack russell so he is very hyper and is a very loving and protective guy, but he loves to run out the door and have us chase after him because one time he got loose and got hit and it nearly killed him. We have to keep our eyes on him 24/7 or he will run right out the door, and we got another dog that adopted us as his second family he belongs to my sons friend and every time the friend comes to visit the dog follows him over on foot and decides to stay at least 3 or 4 days and we keep food and treats on hand for him because he is such a wonderful sweet dog he has lab and collie in him which makes him very intelligent. We are trying to see if he will help teach Monte how to be 'good' so far it has been ok but Monte runs out the door and wont stay in the yard like Eddie will so he still needs a lot of work by us to keep him in check. Never a dull moment here with our pets we also have 2 cats that are outside cats and they are a lot of fun to have around with the dogs and believe it or not they all get along and play out in the back and give us much entertainment.
  • Hannah is a second generation crossbred GSD/Husky. I call her a Shepsky. She was the last of her litter unsold when I found her. She is black with tan eyebrows, and very evenly marked on both sides of her legs. She isn't a very big dog, just about 17/18 inches at the shoulder and about 45 pounds of mostly muscle! She is very strong! She was also fairly active and smart so I got her into Search and Rescue training because she needed an acceptable job to do so as to work off some of her excitement and use that lovely brain. She loves it! Hannah was working off of hand signals since she was about 6 months old (I had to literally find things to stimulate her mind, because otherwise SHE would come up with ideas (not destructive, just annoying, like barking!) that might not be acceptable to me! She can be very tender-hearted if anyone is sick or hurt she turns into "Nurse Hannah" and tries to comfort and watches over the "patient" with all due diligence! She actually acts WORRIED if someone is under the weather...funny girl, because she is also one of the most mercenary dogs I've ever known. When you ask her to do a command (before she fell in love with S & R...she actually improved her attitude on ALL of her obedience training after getting into the S & R work!....she would look at you as if to say..."Alright, I know what you want me to do, I can do that. However, what are YOU OFFERING me to do it? Hmmmm, what are you bringing to the table here?" If I want to take a nap...she will often lay down next to me on the bed, let me wrap my arms around her and/or lay my head on hers to cuddle and snooze. You'd be right if you figure I love her with all of my heart.
  • Winnie, my one year old Hound is the most lovable dog who has no interest in an human beings so will not bark at any strangers. He loves to bark only at other dogs!Loves to laze all day!
  • large ~ black ~ hairy :)
  • No, because I have none, and I LOVE not having one to fuss with.
  • Black, stupid, weird, thinks hes human, cuddly
  • BIG, goofy, loving, patient, 130 pound red dobie.
  • I don't have a dog. But, my bosses' dog, Toby, is a Louisiana Catahoula Hunting Dog. Toby comes to work every day, and he's so sweet. He has big brown eyes, his coat is reddish brown & he weighs about 85 lbs. When we don't have clients in the office, he's allowed to roam as he pleases. Legend has it that the Louisiana Catahoula breed evolved in the swamps of Central Louisiana centuries ago as a result of red wolves mating with the fierce war dogs of the Spanish explorers. See picture attached.
  • Big, black, hairy, sometimes drooling Newfoundland.
  • 170lb Rott/Shepard. 15 lb Westy/Chihuaha. The little one rules... Both trained and experts in Sit Stay and Heel. I can walk them both off leash. The Rotts weakness is squirrels and the Westies is the kitten. Which is even smaller... They are my kids and prefer to be around them over any other human other than my wife. I would die for them... I tried downloading an image...apparently my computer abilities are limited.

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