• Yes, the credit card company will notify you if unauthorized charges are being made on your card.
  • If they see unusual activities, then the credit card company will advise you. Unusual activities include large purchases and done often. It is to their best interest to stop fraud because some of the losses have to be paid by them.
  • Thanks to my fu*ked up MTG company... One of their former employees stole our information from a courier service and to compensate us... we got total credit protection for 5 years. Nothing happens on my report without them sending a notice. If someone sneezes hard enough NEAR my credit report I get a notice.
  • Somebody I worked with was called up by their credit card company to confirm a transaction in Thailand I think it was. Needless to say they were still in England and had never paid for anything in Thailand.
  • It's happened twice. Both times the credit card company cancelled my card immediately and cancelled the charges.
  • yes it happened twice so to avoid giving the new credit card numbers out i invested in privacy assist. They monitor any strange use and notify you ,also if a purchase is made the bank does contact me..

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