• The ASPCA says Yes, but depending on what type of rubber tree or plant, "The potential for a rubber plant to be poisonous depends upon which kind of plant it is. The term 'rubber plant' is used to represent a variety of different plants. This may be where your conflicting information comes from. Certain rubber plants do have some toxic potential, depending upon the genus and species. For example, the Japanese rubber plant (Crassula arborescens) can potentially produce vomiting, depression and a loss of coordination. The ingestion of the rubber tree (Ficus elastica) and variegated rubber plant (Ficus honduras) can result in moderate gastrointestinal tract irritation. The baby or american rubber plant (Peperomia obutsifolia), along with many others of the genus Peperomia, is not considered to be toxic―although it can cause some mild stomach upset".

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