• Wanting it.
  • About 2 months ago I was put on life support(respirator)for 3 days.
  • so many times it is a blurr
  • At 17 I injured my back and they had me sign my living will in my hospital bed.
  • When I was a teenager after World War II in Germany, I was starving. A doctor told me that I would have had two more weeks until I would have died of malnutrition. That was when my family fled from the Russian occupied zone to the American occupied zone of Germany, where I came back by eating eggs or drinking milk the first time after 2 years.
  • When I had thyroid cancer three years ago.
  • You mean that I'm aware of, right? Many times we come close to death but don't know it. I guess the time when I was riding my motorcycle on a highway on a right curve, and I think I fixated on the semi that was coming towards me. Your bike goes whereever you look, and I had a hard time physically turning away from it. The truck came so close the wind almost knocked me off. I didn't tell anyone it had happened because I didn't want them to worry.
  • When I was legally dead for about 10 minutes after being evac'd out after a hostile encounter. Once we landed I was revived quickly. Don't remember anything about it though. That whole period of time is a blur, really. The next few weeks were spent medicated out of my mind and laying in a boring military hospital.
  • When I was anorexic and 81 pounds.
  • Drowning in the sea. As a teenager I swan out and over estimated what I could do. The sea got very cold and I thought it was my last. I was too far away from shore for anyone to hear me but fortunately I barely made it back to land.
  • My mother and I were involved in a very serious car accident when I was three. She was the driver...she hit a tree. All her insides were crushed, and I hit the car radio. I still have the circular scar on my forehead--it says "volume". The doctors said if by chance I survived, I would be mentally retarded. Here's where my sister always interjects and says, "she survived, so..."
  • When I was in College some git rammed a spike into my forearm which punctured the main artery. Blood was pumping out like a volcano. The doc reconed I only had a couple more mins before I blacked out then just a few more before I croaked. Its a shame the scars so pathetic!
  • Caught in the undertow while swimming in Cancun Mexico, years ago. It was dragging me out to sea while I fought for my life, thrashing around like a maniac. My wife, lounging on the beach thought I was waving, so she just smiled and waved back.
  • when i was a kid i went to this summer camp and they took us to the beach, a lot of us got pulled over by a tidal wave, i almost drowned

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