• So now the restaurant can say, "No, that isn't a hair/finger in your soup. It is fish soup, and you are hallucinating", then quickly hide the evidence.
  • Acid fish!! Awesome!! I didn't read the link tho, so I likely missed something...but "Eat fish and trip" sounds pretty badass to me. Those Brits may be good for something else besides Bisbing's ego yet!! ;)
  • im going fishing
  • Is it time to go fishing?
  • I can't imagine those two French men (age 40 & 90) in the emergency room at the hospital. The nurse asks what seems to be the matter and the old boy lifts his shades, while being held up by the young one, and says " We be trippin', baaabyyy !!" LMAO
  • "And they keep saying that global warming is a scam.." It wouldn't have been able to survive in the British waters if the temperatures weren't rising.
  • The Haitians are going to love this! They've about picked their own waters clean. More zombie slaves - Yeeeeeehaaaah!
  • It says that one guy suffered auditory hallucinations for 36 hours. That SUCKS! You'd just be hearing things for a day and a half
  • WOW! a fish that can rewrite the drug trade - now thats impressive! I can see it now: man standing on the corner..."Hey man! wanna buy some fish!"
  • Can't see that taking off in our local chipshop somehow! "Salt and vinegar with that madam"? More like fish trips and mushy pea brains!!!
  • Can it be bred/raised in captivity?? Way to beat the recession??
  • Where can I go to catch it.....what shall I use for bait....
  • I know what I'm doing this weekend!
  • Where can I get some?? =)
  • yeah, tripping for days with both auditory and visual hallucinations sounds like hell...thats a l...o...n...g time to go out deep sea fishing with your mind. but curious minds want to know what their hallucinations were like ~ i wish they gave a description! speaking of fishing and hallucinations ~ ever watch fishing with john? if you ever have some time ~ heres a great episode with john lurie and willem defoe. hehe. pt. 1 pt. 2 pt. 3
  • Sarpa salpa are a popular dish in many Mediterranean restaurants. According to marine experts, certain species of plankton-eating fish, like the sarpa salpa, can give off hallucinogenic fish poisoning if the heads or other body parts are consumed. The effects include vivid hallucinations within minutes of eating it which can last for days. According to a clinical study on the patients, which is due to be published in the journal Clinical Toxicology, the men started seeing and hearing things after contracting a rare form of hallucinogenic poisoning from the Salema fish they were dining on... The effects of eating ichthyoallyeinotoxic fishes, such as certain mullet, goatfish, tangs, damsels and rabbitfish, are believed to be similar to LSD, and may include vivid and terrifying auditory and visual hallucinations. This has given rise to the collective common name for ichthyoallyeinotoxic fishes of "dream fish".... Others have claimed that different species of ichthyoallyeinotoxic fishes, such as Kyphosus fuseus, contain much more potent hallucinogens, such as dimethyltryptamine or DMT, which is considered to be one of the world's most mind-bending hallucinogenic chemicals. Now with this lead. Caulerpaceae microalgae. Perhaps it's not the fish that produces the toxin after all. That might explain why cases of poisoning are rare despite sarpa salpa being a common menu item around the Mediterranian Sea and Indian Ocean. Only fish that recently ate caulerpaceae algae cause hallucinations. Now the question is: What is a fish that is normally found far off the South African shores doing in cold waters of the coasts of England?

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