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  • NO!! But wouldn't that be fun! LOL Fun question Jimmy! +5
  • many-a-timez... wudnt bothr thou... :D... peace!!!
  • No but in fifth grade a boy that liked me picked a rose and put it on my desk before I got there.
  • If I ever had a secret admirer they keep it a secret and never told me. which kind of sucks
  • I had some guy throw roses at me...he was mad cus I wouldnt go out with him
  • Yes. Several years ago a bouquet of red roses was delivered to my office with no card. I never did find out who sent them.
  • No but a few times drinks have been sent down the bar by lady admirers! :-) s’bin a while though! :-/ Lol…
  • I wish!!! Last valentines day a secret admirer made me a bebo page with love poems and stuff that was kinda cute and original, still dont no who it was tho!!!
  • i have no secret admire and if they are out there theyyll problely keep it a ussually the one to them flowers secretly and thinking of there smile is like having new life after a rain.poetic christian heart with a lone heart and soul in pain.but one they i will come up to you and to reveal that my love is real.i wont come up with a pick up line or a flirt,lust over your physical,ill speak to you to heart really it really hurts.ill say god loves you and youre beatiful to to make spiritual and thatls where i choose to start.lonely heart starve soul with no way to separate them apart.
  • No but when I was about 20 I was working in a store. I was walking out of work to my car after a shift and I had a random guy run up to me, hand me a bouquet of flowers and tell me that they were beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl and ran away. It scared the crap out of me because it was the same time I was getting stalker phone calls.
  • I get flowers fairly often, but they're from my bf.
  • No, not flowers, but I did receive a lovely ring from one.
  • Yes they have.
  • no never! i've always secretly hoped it would one day happen..

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