• If they want to why not. Woman want to be equal and in many things are equal to men or better at what they do so what's the difference. I am a U.S. Army vet.
  • No. And currently isn't allowed in certain MOS's. The problem is being on the front lines during that time of month, and everything that comes with it. Not my opinion, but a well-known fact of the US Army. +2
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      I would like to know what Russia did in WWII to deal with menstrual issues.
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      They either shot them or sent them to the gulags.
  • They should be able to do what they want after the prove themselves capable. This goes for both sexes.
  • As a matter of fairness, yes. . As a matter of effectiveness, no.
  • This is a difficult one for me - because it involves a conflict of what I think is prudent and what I personally think is fair and moral. I have no doubt that women can be excellent front-line soldiers. As long as women are subjected to the same tests and standards of men then I see no reason why they cannot be effective. However I have seen arguments that women shouldn't be allowed in combat positions. The reasoning behind it is that men would be over-protective of them and thus risk endangering the other troops to protect the women. Also there have been instances of women POWs in which the men acted against protocol in a way they wouldn't have done if the person taken had not been a woman. So there are prudential considerations..... is it worth losing a number of excellent soldiers to allow women the opportunity to fight in combat positions? Whether these are fair and ethical considerations, probably not. However war isn't always fair and ethical either!
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      I wonder what the Russians did in WWII when they allowed women to fight during WWII. They must have a secret we don't have.
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      You have a curious interest in Russia, don't you?
  • If women wish to enjoy the fruits of equality, then YES. As long as the requirements are not made less stringent, or the tests dumbed down or made less physically demanding...
  • I do not see why they would want to fight in war or combat.It has nothing to do with the fact that they are man or woman.Why would anyone want to run headlong into danger????
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      You obviously don't understand honor and integrity.
  • yes. Does not take much brawn to pull a trigger
  • If she's physically able and mentally weak enough to want too, sure. +5
  • Only if they chose to.
  • Women are usually way too sensitive. Men are much colder so they're better for the job.
  • They should not be allowed because they are weaker than men. When on long treks you have to carry a hell of a lot of equipment and to expect a woman to do this and fight is absurd. Also they will get caught and raped and used as bargaining tools and soldiers don't need that crap on there conscious when fighting a war. People need to understand that women are not equal to men, men are stronger,tougher,can take pain a lot better and don't have as much emotional baggage that women do so women should never be in a war.
  • Yes. If it was good enough for the Celts, then it's good enough for us now.
  • Yes, if they are in the military, they should be prepared to get hurt.
  • Yes i think so.. As they are the part of the country.
  • Yes, if they want to. On the principle of Equal Opportunity/ Non-discrimination. That said, they shouldn't expect any special treatment whatsoever. That can be very dangerous operationally.
  • Why not? Much combat these days consists of acquiring targets and pushing buttons. Women can't do that?
  • No, women were not built for combat physically or mentally. Worst of all is that they are a liability in battle, for rape by the enemy, next thing you know it they'll come back and sue the army for being raped in battle. I cant stand how people think women are on equal footing when it comes to war. Women are WEAK, and cant endure much hardship, and they are a rape liability, thats why they should not fight in combat. I sure as hell wouldnt want the person in the fox hole next to me to be a pansy woman.
  • yeah I believe if a woman wants to fight in combat. That would only be fair.
  • Women have served in armed forces for decades, but the military is still a man's world.
  • Yes indeed. All societies have had women warriors in the past. No reason not to have them again.
  • Pretty women shouldn't be allowed in combat. They should get a pass.😋😇
  • Why ask such a question? If you'd look back on history, you'd see that they've been doing it since at least WW2.
  • I've known some women who could make the enemy wish they'd never shown up.
  • why not is a better question

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