• I would start with charities that involve children then move on to homelessness and the starving.
  • The charities I would pick would be any and all to do with feeding the homeless and any one who needed meals delivered to them. I have a huge sadness for anyone homeless and hungry! I sometimes think about people who have no food and I can hardly sit down to eat myself if I think of it. Also I would make sure to spend part of the billions on taking care of abused and neglected dogs and cats. I would set up and run no kill ranches for animals who needed a kind hand. Wow I only wish I could be assigned to something like this!
  • I would start with contraceptives for the poor in all countries, then move on to child and domestic abuse, medical needs, then feeding and housing those without. Also there are areas of the world that I would work to end slavery, all forms. (Can't believe such a thing still happens!) After that I'd work on programs to help these people become independent. Geez, I've got a lot to do!
  • I don't know how to start, but I know it would involve taking care of my country first.....a "clean up your own backyard" kind of policy. I would probably start by puttin the money into a Roth IRA or something first so that I could compound the amount, then dole out accordingly. I think I would start by forming classes on personal relationships. It seems to me that a lot of problems are caused by people not understanding what red flags and being attracted to toxic people are all about. Then we pass that behavior onto our children!
  • yes i will try to use that funds for provinding people with education ..and make them self dependent.
  • Great question. What a wonderful assignment that would be. I would target charities that use microloans to help people become self sufficient, ones that help people recover their health, and ones that provide education for the disadvantaged. Having a good job, health and education are the changes that just keep on giving without the need of everlasting support. For each charity I considered, I would look at what percentage of the funds the collect go to their charitable work and what part is eaten up by administrative costs. I'd only give to those who are efficient in their charitable work.
  • If I was a typical Repubican I'd begin earnestly on getting myself named as a charity. Then act surprised when I'm told that such was illegal or immoral or unethical. Then I'd go on an ad hominem attack upon those who would try to keep me from my charity.
  • wow, thats a good one! I would start with the children, and elderly people, make sure they are all taken care of and want for nothing, then i would improve health and school facilites the world over, closely followed by people who are abused and homeless. Animals would benefit too, i hate anyone being cruel to them, its so sad.
  • It would be split evenly in 5 directions : 1) The American Red Cross (disaster relief programs) 2) Kosair Charities (yeah, the shriners - they do a lot on a smaller scale and are very underappreciated becasue it's individual help given) 3)World Hunger Relief 4) Hunger relief programs in the US ( we are supposedly one of the "richest" countries in the world, and yet we have children starving?) and finally 5) an intrest bearing account / trust to ensure the remaining funds would be available for whatever that trustee deemed worthy, kind of like the "make a wish" foundation.
  • I would fund scholarships in forensic accounting for really smart Asian and Indian students if they promise to payback at least four years each working to put every slime ball Wall Street/Bank/Bailout/Shyster behind bars.
  • I would welcome this opportunity. First, I would fund issues that concern global health. That would include the environment and humanity issues....especially those that pertain to the health of underserved peoples across the globe. Second, I would fund global education programs that would give people the opportunity to contribute in their own cultures. And lastly, I would have to fund animal welfare and childrens rights issues. By the way, I do not want a fee for my work. The chance to make this large of a difference in the world, would be all the pay I would need.
  • I would open branches of my existing charity for the homeless, addicted and mentally ill veterans and extend it to attend homeless elderly persons specially in the cities that need it the most. I would donate more to: Safe the Children Foundation, Children's Wish Foundation (terminal children), amfAR HIV/AIDS Research Foundation, Greenpeace International, Burundi Park - Great Apes Foundation and several others I actually help.

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