• Well if you make a weak solution of washing up liquid and water i mean at least 1 part washing up liquid and 6 parts water and put it in a spray bottle spray the plants and it will kill the insects and the plant will be fine,its much better than harsher chemicals
  • I was going to suggest soapy water then you did say without using chemicals, well it works for me! :-/ a mild soapy wash applied with an atomiser spray!
  • The only way to get rid of these aphids is to introduce ladybirds into your garden. Ladybirds eat aphids by the million as a staple diet and are the aphids natural enemy. You may also know that aphids are asexual, so if a virus in introduced to one, they will all get it as they all have the same gene. Hope this helps...
  • How about a ladybird farm, they love greenfly ect!
  • Ladybugs.

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