• No, never. Most of the time, they speak to me about how polite my child is, and how nice to see such a well-behaved boy. Once a shopper saw my son across the store wanting to reach up and touch a display. He looked over his shoulder to meet my eye and see if it would be OK, but when I shook my head no, he walked away. The shopper exclaimed "How did you do that?"
  • It never happened to me ... thank God . I would have went off on that stranger something fierce .... NO ONE corrected my child but me and his mother .. PERIOD ... and certainly NO ONE would dare raise their voice to him ... and then face ME.
  • No, I don't have children, but if I did and that happened, it would be absolutely miraculous if I didn't end up in jail for attempted murder. Or actual murder.
  • No. I'll rip their asses off!
  • when i was little, like 9, i was at the pumpkin patch and there was a giant inflatable slide. i was playing on it with a bunch of other kids.and i fell on a girl, about 4 yrs old, and some man (not the girl's father) came up and started screaming at me, telling me to watch my fat ass and be careful b/c i could've killed her blah blah blah blah blah scared me so much i pissed myself. i sat in the car with my mom, who didn't know what happened, i actually don't think she ever found out, while she was reading, and waited for my brother. i didn't tell her b/c i thought she'd get mad too for not being careful. stranger's should just mind their own fucking business. i just took his shit and left.
  • haha if anyone on here is one of those people that had someone yell at their kid it might have been me..well I never yelled but I said something to the child or the parent......since when did people come to let their kids run around like wild animals unsupervised as if the store/restaurant staff was their child's babysitter? Then when the kid gets hurt or breaks something they want to sue anyone that said anything to their kid or the exact opposite, sue someone because the kid was hurt (unsupervised). But I've come to expect behaviour from kids like this because they usually have parents that are just as bad, if not worse that make messes, destroy property, steal or do things like leave dirty diapers on shelves etc. I don't work in a store or a restaurant, but I did when I was younger..but just the same, I don't want to go shop or eat somewhere and be interrupted by some wild brats running around crazy and being loud. They aren't my kids, why should I have to put up with them?
  • Never. We always made sure he behaved himself when we were out somewhere ... not that he was perfect ... far from it .. but if he started to act out, we'd take care of it right away.
  • Not yell, but I have had someone say something really rude to my son.
  • I didn't yell but tried to tell a small child in the doctor's waiting room this week to mind his mother. He was running all over the waiting room defying his mother. The child needed a good swat on his butt!

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