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  • unless he is a loser.... i highly doubt he would be anything except excited and happy
  • can't see why go for it
  • I don't think he would. But then again some people get upset over odd stuff like that all the time.
  • If he is offended by that, maybe you should consider finding a new boyfriend.
  • Just do like the romans did, paint pictures and frescoes on the cieling of sex positions; that way he dont have to open a book and read.
  • I don't know if he would be offended, but, most likely, that is not a gift he would appreciate. It seems like it is a gift that says more about you and what you want as opposed to what the recipient of the birthday gift would truly enjoy...
  • I don't think he would be offended by that....don't think most guys would be. I think he will be glad you want to try out those sex positions!
  • Only if you didn't agree to practice the sex position of the day with him.
  • He would probably be offended if he already knew 1000 positions. That would be classic!!!
  • Only if he's insecure about himself, but here's the deal, since women are so hard to please (sexually) until you get tought how to do so, it's the womans job to teach. If your sex life isn't satisfying enough, and it's enough to take a toll on your relationship, you SHOULD do something along these lines. He can take it one of two ways, but if he takes it bad, and gets mad at you, he isn't thinking about you the way he needs to. Good luck.
  • Wish my wife would do stuff like that. Even flag a few with a post-it-note.
  • I have to disagree with the majority of answers here. I don't think giving him this book as a gift is a good idea. One possible implicit message of such a gift is "Your sexual technique is boring/unimaginative/inadequate." Communicating such a message is *very* offensive. I would recommend that if you buy the book, introduce it to your boyfriend as "A gift I bought for US" (and maybe have already read ahead a few pages...;-D...) Good luck
  • I think it would be a great idea, no different then a sex coupon book. I think a man would love that a woman wants to try all those positions with him, it would be fun and exciting to do. What a great way to learn about your partner, you can discuss which ones you like, which ones you dont like, bottom line, this would definitely help in the sex communication department. Which I find a lot couples avoid.
  • I highly doubt he would be offended. It's not like you are giving him a "Finding the Clitoris For Dummies" book. More than likely he's going to be eager to see which of those positions inspired you to buy the book.
  • Yes I think he would be terribly upset. But you know him better than anyone so what do you think? That is really all that matters. +5
  • Not if you "read" it to him!!! :)
  • Personally Id love that gift, its basically saying lets get hot and try new things
  • Only if he has a vagina, is 66 years old and answers to the name Marge. Are you kidding?!
  • I think he would like it and hopefully you two can read it together.
  • He shouldn't be, I'd find it funny.
  • ... maybe, but probably not ... ... consider also this ... (not a porn site) .
  • The only time a guy would be offended by something like that is if you wouldn't do any of them with him. Otherwise 99% of guys would LOVE it!

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