• Only 3 or 4 days and it was like living in the 1800's.
  • About three hours ... It was quiet.:)
  • Ten days. Ten, long, miserable, days. Our town had the ultimate ice storm. Brought the police, the national guard, everybody to their knees. We shopped in the dark,(some stores were good enough to open and let us shop with flashlights of which I am sure alot of people repaid them by robbing them blind) stood in long lines waiting to fill our gas bottles and fill our cars' tanks. It was surreal. We existed and that is all we did. Try to heat a can of chili over a candle flame and keep warm. I remember it being so dark even in the daytime. The trees were exploding all over town. We stood in our backyard and watched and listened. It sounded like gunshots. Never want to see that again. +3
  • 41 hours, because of it my snake died :(
  • We had a major windstorm in Seattle in Dec 2006. Over one million lost electrical power, many of us for more than a week. You don't expect that in a major city. Since my oil furnace needs electricity to sense the temperature, start the burner, and run the fan, I froze my nubbins. The only way I could get warm was to crawl into bed, under two blankets and two quilts. I had enough D-cells to keep my flashlights and radio operating, so I could find my way around at night and keep up with the news.,_eight_additional_casualties,_many_still_without_power ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • About 4 days, but did get our electric and gas shut off 6 months once until we managed to save enough to pay off the entire winters bills. We lived with kerosene lamps and bought a lot of ice to keep food cold and then gave up on ice and just bought non perishables after a while. It wasn't that cold so heat wasn't really an issue, but showers we like jumping in the north Atlantic ;O
  • Not sure. It has been a long time since we have had a blackout. But probably 2 or 3 hours. +5
  • I have lived in the South for many years so two weeks with no power after a hurricane is normal. However as a child I was in that New York City blackout in the late 60s and that was scary
  • Following the ice storm of 1999, we were without power for a little over 3 weeks. That sucked!
  • Only a few days ago. I was sitting on the PC, it turned off and everything went dark. It lasted for about 5 hours but alot of items I have are battery powered so I was ok :P
  • 24 hour last winter, first hour or 2 arnt bad than it sux, thought about buying a generator, but its not that common
  • Good q! For five days in a row after a severe ice storm in 2008. The trees, power lines, and everything else was covered with more then an inch of ice. Trees were down along with the lines and a tree limb cracked my dad's car on the roof. We had no water either. I had to keep going to the store to buy gallons so we could flush the toilet. ugh
  • Probably a couple hours. I was drinkin in a bar. It was hilarious (maybe cuz I was drunk) But we all sang songs and played games. We kept light by our cell phones. We had so much fun! I love our small town so much sometimes.

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