• Well, that could be either of two things: One, a person could have been really surprised. Two, someone's been injured so badly that their body went into a state of shock. That is to say, everything inside the body is ready to shut down at any moment.
  • From a first aid point of view, shock is a condition where the body may have either actually lost blood from bleeding or due to a state of mind, the nerves that usually keep some pressure on the blood vessels with muscle tension have relaxed, allowing the blood vessels to expand ... when the blood volume remains the same but the "container" gets bigger, the effect is the same as a blood loss ... this is referred to as hypovolemic shock ... ... anaphylactic shock results from a biochemical reaction ... could be a poison, could be something the person is allergic to, but again, the effect is that the body mimics blood loss by letting the blood vessels expand ... ... in any case, shock results in a slower pulse rate and a lower blood pressure, which could result in not enough oxygen getting to where it is needed, like the brain ... if this shock is not "fixed" soon enough, a cascade reaction begins and the whole body and all of its organs begin to decrease their activity, then shut down completely ... and when the heart stops, the person dies.
  • There's bad shock and good shock. I think I'm learning about the good shock.
  • touch some hot electrical cords to find out

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