• changed it 3 times in hs and im only a sophomore in college and ive already changed it 4 times :)
  • Never, but then again, I'm only a freshman in high school, so...
  • Strongly guided and supported by my parents, my intentions were to attend college, and my high school major was thus Academic...or sometimes referred to as College Preparatory at that time. I did not change that. In college my choice was Economics, which I did not change, either. I could have graduated with a degree in Economics, Psychology or Political Science, since I carried sufficient credits in all three to do so. I chose Economics, since I intended to pursue my career in corporate business, which I did...quite sucessfully. +5
  • I went from "open option"(undecided) to journalism, and then added sociology as a second major. My brother's changed his major about 6 times and will now be majoring in Liberal Arts, which is pretty much like majoring in Undecided. I think my sister changed 3 times. When I toured one college, we asked a group of students whether any of them had started undecided. They looked at eachother, none of them had -- but one stepped up to say "I didn't start with an open major, but I wish I did, because I lost a $50 bet with some friends about whether I'd change my major." :D
  • When I was in college I changed my major once from Fashion Buying and Merchandising to Business Economics.
  • Once, from Physics to Engineering.
  • twice I think. I was going into education and then after life events happened I decided to go into therapy/social work.

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