• That is a very good question. The modern US prohibition on marijuana dates from about 1906. The strongest push towards making marijuana illegal dates from the period of prohibition. Prohibition, as a social movement, has its roots in the mid 1800's. This movement is known as the temperance movement, which came to have ties with Protestant churches. It is from this time period that the modern belief in alcohol consumption as a sin (not held by all) dates. The temperance movement started out advocating temperance - balance and moderation. It evolved into a movement to ban all alcohol and related narcotics. Their beliefs were spread through the Scientific Temperance Instruction Movement.
  • Probably to create a big market.
  • Dupont and William Randolph Hurst created a PR campaign aginst pot because marijuana was a cheaper alternative to the products they sold. They event went so far as to lie under oath to congress.
  • A very large marijuana study was ordered by the government in the late 60's and it concluded that there was no significant health risk associated with its use. Nixon included it in the drug bill anyway.
  • I really don't know. Making it illegal seems to be helping the undertakers down there in Mexico.
  • In the 1800's the united states would have tobacco fairs and sell tobacco and marijuana as introduced to the settlers in the frontier by mexico, mexicans would also join these tobacco fairs and sell marijuana. when the us government found out that the mexicans were making a killing they told mexico if they wanted to participate in these US tobacco fairs they would have to get it stamped with a government seal in washington, so of course the mexicans got all the marijuana together to take up to washington dc to get their stamps, the US confiscated the pot and threw all the mexicans in jail and has been illegal ever since........

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