• I was in a bowling tournament when a teen, and came in first in singles, second in doubles, and first in team.
  • Our bowling team won the leage championship two years in a row. I was runner up in a singles bowling tournament. Scratch score of 597. The guy that beat me did it with his handicap. Got the best grades on tests lots of times in high school. In graduate school I did get the best grades on tests also. My last course grade was a Law course and I got an A+.
  • Small arms target shooting with army cadets, i won a cup and got a photo in the local newspaper :)
  • Yes. District Basketball Championship. INCREDIBLE feeling!
  • Many, more hockey championships than I can remember, a couple baseball championships. Then there are tons of smaller contests I have won. Everything from math to coloring to design to scholarship to hockey MVP etc... Wow, I sound like a braggart. Really I'm just super competitive and am addicted to being good at things.

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