• Well, yes and it also includes stop for groceries on the way once or twice a week, cook dinner, realize there's no butter, eat dinner, realize that a sock didn't make it into the laundry, pay bills,worry about saving for retirement, watch a little TV, spend time with any family members in the house, talk with friends on the Internet, etc. . . Gay and lesbian people live our lives like everyone else. We have jobs, bills, housework, and families like everyone else.. .
  • Great question. lol. Yes, we're just like everyone else.
  • That along with cooking, cleaning, hoping you don't get laid off 'cause the economy sucks, paying bills.....just like everyone else.
  • Your missing something for sure. Your missing the part of the violent takeover of all the government buildings in the area followed by a full-scale putsch to sieze power. Then we invade France. Frogs had it coming.
  • I so despise that expression "Gay Lifestyle". People must think we are a "cult" or have a club with certain "lifestyle" rules. It is just code for "you choose to be that way." That is always preceded by." I am not a bigot. I have nothing against the gay lifestyle." urgh!!!

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