• Nah, I'm pretty much an exhibitionist so it's all good.
  • Depends on who it is. If it's one of my family members I'm fine with it. I have 3 sisters and we are pretty close. I don't walk around naked even when i'm alone. If it's a non-family member, I get a little anxious for them to leave after a day or so.
  • Heck no...unless they insist on following me to the bathroom.....haha Good morning to you...
  • The only people I allow in my home are people I feel comfortable around. So, loss of privacy isn't an issue.
  • I have people constantly coming in and out, sometimes though it can get annoying and disturbing
  • it doesn't bother me if it's only for a little time, but if it gets to be too bad, then I make them leave!
  • Yeah, I feel like I have to be a host.
  • Yes. I don't like having people over for very long. Especially if they are not my friends.
  • Well typically I would If it were like an official of some sort, then ya I would definitely feel a total loss of privacy, mainly because I feel I no longer have power over my own stuff. But like if a friend came over and you knew him really well or her, then it would to I guess some people be ok. But you know if a friend came over and you really didn't know them that well, you would kinda be watching for a-little house lifting :). And it's kinda annoying when people just walk in your house like they own it or something...I do that to my friends all the time :). This is all just my opinion by the way...
  • No..but its always nice to see them leave :D How's the dog?
  • No, if I need more privacy I just hide in my sanctuary (bedroom) for a while.
  • No, not unless they have badges, guns and a search warrent !! :)
  • No. There's always the loo.
  • No. If people are in my home, it's 99% certain I invited them! So the opposite is true. I'm delighted they've accepted my invitation and looking foward to some quality time with them. When I was in my twenties (five billion years ago!), people would "drop in" and not leave when I'd like ... make a mess of the place, all those things that happen when you're first out on your own and haven't yet discovered how to set "rules of the house" and enforce them. So then, it was not ok in a number of ways .. privacy being the least of it! lol So, I'm glad to be reading this question when the norm is safely tilted the other way and I'm HAPPY to see those who enter the house ... and leave it too! lol
  • YEs I do feel like that!
  • no cause i live alone
  • sometimes but people dont seem to want to visit me that often anyways

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