• guys are morre interested in relations with girls, but girls are more interested in relationships with married men.
  • I don't think it has to do with the age or sex of a person. I think it has to do with what things you were brought up around & what group of people you relate yourself to.
  • well me personally i am very interested in one but some guys are just more interested in physical things than stopping it like a one night stand but i know alot of guys interested in relationships too but ive known girls too be far more interested in relationships than guys so ya they are and as you get older you start realizing you need to get with someone cause you dont want to live and die alone soo age iss related to it also
  • Everyone wants a relationship. It's the nature of that relationship where we get confused. Younger males will want sex, but as we get older, the hugging becomes more important. It is age related, you need an older male to tip the scales from sex to relationship.
  • Most women are not really interested that is why they turn men down for dates about 95% of the time.
  • My bf and I are both very interested in a relationship. I think some girls pursue it too hard and guys are more inclined to wait until it feels right. Of course, they're not going to turn down sex, eitehr.
  • It depends on the person, not the gender.
  • It has nothing to do with gender. it's a personal choice to feel ready and able.
  • What do ya think, i am a boy and just love girls. I love kissin their each part except ass! lol
  • i guess it depends on the person, but i think girls want relationships much more than guys do. none of my guy friends actually want a girlfriend. they just wanna get laid.
  • its sounds shallow but if the girl is hot the guys want a relationship and if the guy is hot the girls want a relationship everyone want to be seen with a hott person and dont say you dont
  • Yes they are.

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