• He called Obama ignorent for pointing out the truth to the world? What a schmuck.
  • big insult of course
  • It's always best to multiple sides of a story. Too often, American politicians see America as "infallible", and dismiss any notion that America can, and has, played a role in some major global crises. Whether what Chavez says is actually accurate or not, the more leaders like him open-up - rather than isolating themselves - and make efforts to improve relationships, the better off I think both North and South America will be in the long-run. His verbal insults may be annoying...but it would be worse if he stopped talking.
  • It was of course an insult. Chavez is bad news.
  • lol... and this is coming from a corrupt manipulator of his own people , its like the pot calling the kettle black
  • Yes: It was an insult, But lets consider the source. If a Kindergartener/Chavez gave his coloring book to a 1st grader/Obama are we really talking about an insult? The insult was to allow the Office of the President of the United States to be shown as an equal to a Third World Despot who has been known to swagger about. Vice President Biden should have attended or possibly a lower representative accompanied by heavy security who would never have allowed this kind of chicanery. I like the question you get 3
  • I think it best if all world leaders would not mitigate their speech when they talk to the US. Most of america would rather not know the roles that US has played in south and central america over the past 100 years. Not just their politics but big business especially. The US government has turned a blind eye to the exploitation that their multi national corporations have done down south. Chavez has every right to treat him how he chooses.
  • It was an insult. The target was aimed for and hit. It was also rude.
  • When did all this happen, guess I need to get off A/B and check the news. I think we worry about this stuff way too much. Who cares, Chavez, if he said that only made himself look ignorant and not much of a leader.
  • Hugo Chavez is all about Hugo Chavez, one of many common, low-life tyrants that exist in this world. His "gift" was not as much an insult to President Obama, as it was to the American people and all free people around the world...just as it was intended. President Obama represents the largest nation of free people in the world, and who Chavez sees as needing to be diminished so that he, Chavez, and those like him, can rule over the masses of what he sees as ignorants en masse, and particularly those of his own country. President Obama, unfortunately, aids and abets such evil people by even acknowledging them and, worse, sending a message out to the free people of the world that they can't count on the United States to support them, even diplomatically, should they wish not to fall victim to those who would enslave them. As such, in my opinion, it was an insult carried out by TWO! +5

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