• you can flip a coin, they both belong in the same nuthatch
  • I personally believe it is the nay sayers. those stuck in the middle and do not know which bandwagon to jump on.
  • They are both completely driven by ideology and cannot bend to accommodate reality. Further, they are extremely emotional about their positions and often will violently defend them. Left or right makes no difference, it's the extremism that's dangerous.
  • Neither side holds a patent on sanity
  • The radical fringes are both filled with loonies. Right now, the Radical RIght is much more worrisome because there are so many more of them.
  • Extremism in any form is definitely not a good thing. However, at the present, I would say that in the US, the extreme right are winning in the crazy-race.
  • I think both sides are equally crazy, but I also think that kind of extremism is what helps drive the world, give it passion. I don't mean everyone should be like that, but I think it's kind of important for a small fraction of the world to be those kinds of people in order to keep balance.
  • I'd say the right, unless the left is just better at hiding it. Not a fan of either, though.
  • Both are nutjobs of high order. But the right has the edge on sheer craziness. . .AND they're more dangerous in their nuttery.
  • anything extreme is
  • The extreme right! We already know their system doesn't work, yet they keep pushing for it.
  • It's like asking whether horseshit or cowshit tastes worse. They both taste like shit and nobody can really win that contest.
  • It's like getting to choose between death by hanging or death by electric chair, for yourself. I'd prefer no death.
  • Based on this anecdotal evidence, I'd say for now it's the extreme right: It seems that the "extreme" left is burning US flags, or using civil disobedience in attempts to disrupt WTO conferences or political conventions. Given the lack of murderous intent, those acts pale in comparison. Back in the 1960's, when groups such as the Weathermen and the KKK were in full force, it seemed that the craziness was more "balanced". Basically, I think any act of unilateral violence to advance a cause is crazy.
  • They are both crazy. The people who are not are those who stick to one side and don't criticize the other for it's existence.
  • currently, the right is less sane, but any extremeist is nuts in my opinion.

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