• I think she should be legally able to have multiple abortions if she is desperately trying to conceive but there are problems with the pregnancy which dictate that the quality of life for the child, if the pregnancy were to go to term, would be significantly less than that of a healthy child. I do think that there should be a limit on how many "mistakes" a woman can make and have an abortion to rectify them - abortion should NEVER be used as a form of contraceptive! Sadly though - for as long as there are unwanted pregnancies there will be people willing to perform abortions; better that it is done legally in a sterile environment, under proper medical care than in a backstreet abortionist clinic where the woman is not treated properly and pays extorionately for the priviliege!
  • why is this under "ethnic relations"? Honestly, I think the question is too broad for a simple answer. Am in favor of it being illegal to have more than one abortion? no AM I in favor of women using abortion as birth control? no For instance, if girl happens to get raped and impregnated by uncle A, have an abortion and then somehow is raped and impregnated by uncle B, I think it is reasonable to allow her to have another abortion.
  • well if she wanted to yes, of course its murder and at the end shed only be screwing herself, after too many abortions the body starts rejecting the fetus or she could just damage her self so much that when she does want to conceive she wont be able to, better think twice.
  • i think women should also realise the potential damage they are doing to their body
  • Only if she doesn't believe in murder. And then may God have mercy on her soul!
  • No, I think, after a certain point, she should be smart enough to use some protection. On the other hand, it would be better and safer than them going out and doing it themselves, or abandoning the baby somewhere. But it would do a lot of damage on the woman's body.
  • I think not. Her body weakens every abortion session..tsk
  • No i think there are way to many women out there using abortion as a method of birth control.
  • I think so. Sure, its not very responsible to treat abortion like a form of contraceptive. However - I don't have any real ethical problems with abortion (as much as I would never get one myself), so I think its probably better that a woman has multiple abortions than bring an unwanted child into the world. If she suffers physically because of it - well thats her doing.
  • No what the hell.... use condoms For goodness sake as birth control not abortions.
  • No, it would be detrimental to her health.
  • No tie her tubes.
  • Of course. It is her (and her partner's) decision to make.
  • Depends on the situation methinks. If a woman is using it as birth control, she should learn enough to use proper protection and should be limited on how many times she can have the procedure done.
  • Should a man be able to impregnate one woman multiple times? Or multiple women one or more times?
  • No!Plain and simple it's murder! My wife was a foster child and I thank God everyday her mother didn't abort her. Have the baby and give it up for adoption.
  • Yes, she should, I believe that all women should have the right to a safe, legal abortion...however, if she is using abortion as a method of birth control then she needs psych counseling and she also needs to understand the effects multiple abortion procedures will have on her body, over the long term.
  • It is neither your nor my business.
  • I see no problems with multiple abortions, unless they're being done at the same time. That's inadvisable.
  • Sadly yes.
  • She is already able but i would rather suggest that she should be careful while having sexual intercourse.
  • No, anybody can make one mistake but if they keep on doing it, they are just proving how silly they are and society shouldn't have to keep covering for their silliness. At the same time, I don't see how they can be stopped under the current laws. They have to live with themselves and if they later find they can't have kids when they want to, they can't really blame anybody else.
  • Yes. I am not the judge of another woman nor do I know her situation. I dislike the use of abortion as a contraceptive but, if a woman is using it that way then maybe it is best she doesn't have children.
  • Absolutely not. I would think that even the most extreme far left person would see that as blatant irresponsibility, and murder.

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