• I ignore them. I always figured when I was at work..that "I only have to deal with you for 5 get to spend the rest of your life with yourself":)
  • By staying long enough!With as possible as minimal contact....
  • I tilt their heads up in a rain storm so that water gets into their noses and makes them almost drown in thier own foolishness!
  • I find them to be very stimulating and charismatic, thus I tend to drool all over their shoes. They always forgive me, of course.
  • I become more assertive near them
  • I ignore them for the most part. People who behave as such have a very bitter outlook on life. Too many things that can drive someone to be bitter and I do not have enough time to find out to help them. It can be very draining on your emotions.
  • Just don't care for them aand let them go to hell...
  • Arrogance can be too convenient a term sometimes for behavior I find. There is a great difference, for example, between active and aggressive arrogance and a high degree of confidence. It is good to be confident and healthy for all pursuits. Arrogance, just for the sake of it, is just a shield. Confront the latter with a grin, knowing they have issues and just walk away :-)
  • I ignore them ... they'll usually go away if they have no audience.
  • I just let them rant all they want about how evil Obama is. No one sane listens to such drivel and neither do I.
  • I just dont take any notice of them they seem to thrive on attention but this is one person they wont be getting any off.
  • I am as respectful of them as others but I will not go out of my way to treat them as they may feel they deserve. If their noses get bent out of shape because I treat others the same, too bad.
  • Do nothing but mimic their body language and stare at their left ear when talking to them. And once they have finished talking just say 'whatever' and walk on through.
  • I will learn to pray for the arrogant people I know.
  • my boyfriend is very arrogant. but i have to be very patient with him. he gets angry for nothing but he's very caring and loving though
  • usually end up screaming and making myself a spectacle. Then I buy their bible
  • I do everything in my power to take them down a notch.
  • Ignore them
  • I humor them.
  • Ignore them. Paying any type of attention to them will only feed their arrogance.
  • Arrogant people are the best. I love them. I am the cat and they are the mouse. It's a game. They think they are better than you. You don't try to display as much money or go to the places they go or ever try to keep up with them. You simply present yourself as if they do not matter. Don't be snobby or mean. Just chuckle a little to yourself and say "that's funny, you take yourself so seriously". Or if they say something you disagree with, polietly disagree (only if you know what you are talking about). Arrogant people become ingrigued with people who don't think that they are important. My mom came from money and my dad was from the "wrong side of the tracks". I learned to deal with anyone on any level. We are all the same. Arrogant people are just trying to keep you from knowing their weaknesses. They are no better than the rest of us. They just don't want you to know that. Be real. Be yourself. You'll be surprised at how "just like the rest of us" they want to be.
  • I do not deal with them, period. No time for them, no time for games..but, if I HAVE TO, I cannot change them. When you cannot change something, change the way you see it. Don't put yourself in their level, be kind to unkind people, they probably need it the most. I would just ignore the person.
  • If I have to deal with them, I would give them a cold shoulder and show them I couldn't care less about them.

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