• The general consensus is that after committing suicide, his body was cremated and the ashes were buried in an unmarked shell crater near the bunker by his associates. The exact location remains unknown. Other claims, such as the Russians having recovered the corpse, have never been substantiated. Fragments of a skull claimed to be Hitler's were displayed in 2000, but their origin remains in dispute.
  • The remains of Hitler, his wife and the Goebbels Family were burried on 13th January 1946 in the garden of the compound Westendstr 36, Magdeburg which served at that time for the Soviet SMERSH service. The name of the street has meanwhile changed to Klausenerstr. - the house number is now 23. So zoom to Magdeburg in Google earth and type Klausenerstr. 23. The grave was cleared by KGB on 4th April 1970
  • His largely-burnt remains were exhumed by the Soviets. They were kept for a while and then buried at a Soviet base in E. Germany, I believe, but maybe the USSR. After several years they were exhumed, burned, and dumped in the river. On 60 Minutes there was a story years ago on which a Russian officer showed the piece of his skull with the bullet hole in it.
  • i met a guy who had been a spy for the british during the cold war and had even acted as a translator for rudolf hess, he told me that he'd met some russian soldiers who had been part of the hitler body disposal. basically, the story goes - they exhumed the body, cremated it, so as not to give neo-nazis the opportunity to set up a shrine to him and then scattered the ashes into a river. but, they kept part of the skull as proof and its in sum museum in moscow, with a sign in russian next to it, describing it as adolf hitler's skull. thats just what i heard though!!
  • Hitlers and Eva's bodies are in the Moscow in the Kremlin. That is for sure.
  • Nobody knows, he was cremated.
  • He escaped and made it to Argentina living out his life there. There is much information indicating he was there. Where he is buried there no one knows that is alive today and if there are they are not talking.
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