• Essentially the same sorts of things. The press wasn't overly fond of G W Bush and tended to ignore him when he wasn't involved in some sort of gaffe.
  • How George occupied his days: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Obama is still campaigning. I am heartened that he gave the okay to shoot the pirates.
  • Meetings and briefings same as any other president.
  • well when he wasn't taking more vacation days than any other president in history, he pretty much had the white house locked down and didn't let the world know what he was doing.
  • I think he worked and did his job unlike rock star Party man Obama.
  • Bush actually worked and didn't spend his time planning pizza parties and dog purchases.
  • When you're taking a sh!t on the constitution you don't let the press take photos, hun.
  • Rosie, dear Rosie, I luv ya, but why not give Bush a rest now. He's history, a fact about which I am certain you are more than pleased. Unlike the likes of Carter and even Clinton, let's hope George W. gracefully fades into full retirement. As for President Obama, he IS trying to stay in touch with the American people, because he knows many are feeling quite insecure these daze (sic), and he wants them to know he's working on it in the manner he feels will be best in the short and long runs. We'll just have to wait, hope and see about that. BUT, if and/or when the all-too-powerful (IMO) media decides to turn on the president, he, too, will proably "withdraw" substantially. I hope that doesn't happen, for we need our leader to talk to us as much as he can...considering the otherwise full plate he has. I do suspect, however, with both Bush and Obama, much of their time had to be spent looking over their shoulders, for they are/were surrounded by a bunch of pure scroundrels --political animals-- who would stab him in the back as fast as anyone could imagine. Unfortunately, it's the nature of the all our suffering. +5 at ya, dear heart.
  • Working hard, 24/7. That's 24 days a month, 7 months a year. It took hard work to screw up so much in 8 short years.
  • He worked he did no get to play like obama does.
  • Hangin' out at da club n gettin' arrested, Rosie:
  • From what I understand, his Presidential library is full of every one of his coloring books.

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