• I'm not obsessed with Twilight at all. And no, it's not wrong. It's normal!
  • I know someone is 13-14 and obsessed with twilight. So no it's fine.
  • As long as you don't think you are a vampire, it's perfectly okay. In fact, out of the literature currently available for teens, this series is probably one of the more laudable selections and certainly appeals to the "romantic" soul.
  • i'm 19 and i think he's really hot so it's fine we'll both get over it as soon as the next hot thing comes along. u have nothing to worry about
  • My Mom Is 47, And she is in love with Edward, Its normal to LOVE movies, and movie characters!
  • No it's not weird, at all. Again no, I'm not obsessed with Twilight. I'm a Harry Potter girl till the end!
  • They're pretty good books and if you like them, you like them. So, no, I don't think it's wrong. Also, when a book is really really enjoyable, fans can get extremely enthused. I used to be that way about anime.
  • OMEC!! I'm completely in love with the Twilight movie and series!!! I love Edward Cullen!!! OMEC means Oh my Edward Cullen, by the way.
  • It's not wrong. It's typical. And no, I'm not. There are many much better books, and better characters, to be obsessed with. Twilight isn't the worst thing I've ever read, but it's certainly not obsession-worthy.
  • There's nothing wrong with it. I'm 20 and obsessed with anime. Twilight has a good premise but I think the story would have worked out better in the hands of a better writer. Meyer just isn't that great an author in my opinion, and her sub-par writing skills lead the movie down a bad road. Bella is a blank slate with no distinguished characteristics(other than the fact that apparently every guy at school instantly falls for her)therefore any girl can project herself into the role of Bella, and that's why I think it's so popular with girls. I'm not saying it's horrible, I'm reading the first one at behest of my friend(I'm a guy, and she wants me to read it and for some reason I find it impossible to say no to her. lol.) But again there is absolutely nothing wrong with being obsessed with it to each their own, and I'm on Team Jacob!! lol
  • wow. I watched that movie (don't ask why. my daughter warned me it was uber gay) and I had trouble comprehending how it was appealing to anyone over the age of 14. It was a poorly written and took one of the most enduring and popular horror creatures and turned them into vegetarian, emo, metrosexuals. i would not say it was "wrong" for you to be into it (we all have different tastes), but knowing that you are means i know better than to ever have you recommend a book or movie. :)
  • I found it boring and just a remake of a few movies put together.
  • YES!!! I love Twilight!!! It is awesome!!! No, it's not wrong! It's the best series and movie ever, you can't help but be obsessed with it!!
  • Lol im 18 and love twilight. And Edward/Robert. My 32 old friend from course is in love with the movie too, so no its not wrong! =]
  • ok, hes a vampire! he is evil, no matter how hot he is[ or how hot you think he is]
  • I'm 20 and im not quite obsessed yet, but im getting there lol. I really do love twilight.
  • Too many young people can't differ from fantasy and real life. TV and movies are really swaying the youth in the wrong directions.
  • No its not wrong. I'm not obsessed with Twilight but I am obsessed with the parody video.
  • A plethora of pathetic individuals are obsessed with fictional characters. Twilight was agonising to get through.
  • Join the club.. We have t-shirts! lol
  • I'm 20 and I like it :D Also Edward (the actor) is like 23

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