• Seems like the ones you mentioned should be enough, but smokers smell bad, decreased immunity, heart attacks, death.
  • you dont heal as quickly
  • I am now dealing with malignant bladder tumors caused by, yep, you guessed it: SMOKING! and I quite 20 years ago..first tumor showed up about 7 years ago. My visits to the urologist are now 1 year apart...went for every 3 months, graduated to 6 months, then had another tumor so back to 3 months visits, back to 6 at 1 year visits! with the frequent visits, the tumors can be caught while very small and the doc can laser them right in the office. Problem is there are no symptons except for the first time when the tumor was so large it was breaking off causing serious blood in the urine. SCAREY!
  • My father-in-law smoked over two packs a day until his heart attack 12 years ago. Though he was suffering w/heart disease, he seemed smitten w/the fact that his lungs were not diseased at the time due to smoking. Now, he carries an oxygen tank w/him, can walk only a short distance, and truly suffers every minute of everyday. His lungs can no longer exhale properly and the message doesn't get from his brain to his heart to pump more when he's moving. To top it off, my mother-in-law, who claims she longer smokes, but you can smell it when you walk in their home, even lies to her doctor when she's asked if she smokes, and now is battling colon cancer. It's all connected, and smoking is a long painful suicide.
  • Stained teeth, a yellow film over everything in the house, and an odor like an old ashtray as you pass by.
  • Cancer and a cigarette smoker stinks
  • High blood pressure and risk of a stroke.

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