• I think it is a small hamburger. Like the ones from the restaurant White Castle.
  • I don't know what you mean that you find recipes for every type of ingredient, but a Slyder is the actual name of a hamburger from White Castle (US). It is more commonly referred to as a "Slider". (Think like McDonalds puts the Mc in front of the name of the sandwhiches and Burger King calls theirs the Whooper.) For more info, visit:
  • I agree that slider is the slang term used to describe the burgers served at White Castle, but I have also heard slider used to describe any food which is so greasy that it can be swallowed without chewing first. The kind of food frequently served at a greasy spoon.
  • A slider is any small or mini sandwich. A slyder is a trademarked term used by White Castle for their sliders, the mini hamburgers.

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