• some place that has a white sand, calm blue greenish water, birds flying around in a blue clear sky and a coconut tree piled up.. sounds like hawaii?:p nah im describing boracay, philippines :)
  • I would like to go back to Tuscany ASAP ... But at the moment I am planning a trip with a couple of buddies ... we are going to ride motorcycles through Russia and hopefully some of the surrounding countries ...
  • I would like to go back to Fiji, so peaceful, tranquil and relaxing.
  • My dream journey is to travel the Silk Road from Xian in China to Rome. but I would be content to do the Xian to the Caspian, knowing that the Middle East is so volatile. Besides the Great Wall (oh how I want to see that!), I want to see Dunhuang, the enormous monastic oasis, where they have found thousands of texts in many languages, including Christian texts translated into chinese by Nestorian monks as early as the 8thc. Also to see the Urumqi mummies, which are ethnically Caucasian, and have artefacts like Celtic peoples, and turfan, another desert oasis where there has been some incredible archaeological finds. Plus the recent possible find of Genghis Khan's real resting place....then on to Samarkhand and Bokhara...the very names resound with mystery and romance. In my dreams, maybe.
  • I would really like to go to Cuba.
  • I'd like to take a sailboat to a remote south sea island and just hang out there for awhile to get away from it all!
  • Brooklyn, New York. I am on my way out the door right now for a long weekend.
  • Sri Lanka Last time I went it was the rainy season and it was still beautiful.
  • Anywhere where people speak with a British accent. :)
  • A 21 day river cruise on the Danube.
  • I really want to go to New York. I love big city's as much as I love beaches and things. Going to New York and visiting art galleries and stuff for a month. Weeeeeeeeeeee
  • Germany. I want to go see the old castles (Konig Ludwig's mainly) and I also want to see Berlin.
  • Georgia, in the Caucasus. Then Volvogrod in Russia. A stop in the Ukraine. Finally, a beautiful two weeks in Vienna.
  • o0ne of those german sex cruises
  • After reading the book 'Burmese Days' by George Orwell I have since wanted to travel to Upper Burma and explore the jungle in Kyauktada
  • a trip along the Silk Road, starting in Xian in China, the old capital before Beijing. I saw a program on it last night, and kept saying to my family: see, that's where I want to go. In Xian itself is a mini Great Wall in pristine condition, that is older than the bigger one, there are the terracotta warriors and the imperial tombs...then you head west to places like Dunhuang, a Buddhist centre of learning and an oasis, where thousands of texts have been found in all the major languages of the region: chinese, uighur, sogdian, mongolian, persian. they have even found christian texts written in chinese by Nestorian monks who plodded along the route, spreading christianity as far as China by the 6th C AD. then there is Turpan, an oasis, called the "Oven" for its heat, and the nearby Jiaohe, where the Uighur people had the most amazing canal system so they could (and still do) grow grapes. These they packed in snow and sent by camel train to Xian, hundreds of miles away. On to Urumqi and the Tarim basin where they have found red-headed mummies in celtic style tartans, possibly the ancestors of both the Tocharian peoples (an Indo-european language group, which was eventually absorbed into the Uighur) and then to Kasgar, Bokhara and ultimate dream would be to follow the road all the way to rome... but war has gotten in the way, as it often has in the history of the Silk Road.
  • I would like to return to Sri Lanka Walk on the Great Wall in China. Or just flop out in the sun in Bali or Hawaii Dive in the Red Sea or back to Cairns I just love everywhere
  • korea to see my family and japan just because i'm there.
  • Greece- six weeks so I could really get a feel for the culture
  • I would like to round up all the countries of ASEAN by visiting Philippines, Brunei and Myanmar.
  • Black Mountain
  • maybe where i used to live
  • Tahiti should be AOK!
  • Canada. Somewhere around two hours away from Montreal. I'd love it and get plenty of action, so I'm told.
  • One of best holiday destination around world is Pucket island in Thailand you will discover beauty of ocean , mountains, trees and the great nature.The hotels there are interesting with swimming pools, kids area, spa and gym also you will enjoy safari,elephants visit and oceans full day trips such as bibi island and James bond island. You also can enjoy attending amazing fantasea show
  • The UK
    • we are dough 68
      I'll make-up the spare bedroom and await the pleasure of your company.
  • where i used to live in upstate ny, i had a lot of friends there

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