• It happened once or twice but eventually a few people came in after. I'd be comfortable if I was definitely the only one in a movie theater. I would not be, however, comfortable if I have a feeling that there is someone else hiding somewhere in the theater who is planning to attack me. That would be scary.
  • I LOVE being the only person in the theater! (or "only people," since I usually go with my boyfriend) I hate sitting close to people I don't know, hearing them breathing, and feeling the heat from their body, listening to them chew their food... I'd much rather have the theater empty. I don't need to hear other people talking, and cell phones ringing, and children crying. And I don't need them to laugh, or gasp, at the movie to tell me the movies was funny (or scary). I really like seeing movies alone. I wouldn't be upset if we ended up being the only two people in the theater at EVERY movie I went to, ever.
  • What a dream. That almost happened to me few times. But eventually other people came

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