• I did loan $600 to my former sister & law. Never saw it again.
  • Yup. Someone I thought was a friend. (About $2G.) The way I see it, if you lend someone money and you never see that person again, it was worth the money. :)
  • I razz him about it every time I see him. It's a grand total of $50.
  • When I "loan" money I never expect to get it back. If I do get it repaid, I'm always pleasantly surprised. That way I can't lose! :) ((hugs))
  • Yes I have and I never loan money to friends or relatives expecting it back. There is only one occasion that I can remember that it was never paid back, but it don't bother me, cause I wasn't expecting it back.
  • I just let it go. I figure they still need the money.
  • Dont expect it back when I "loan" money to friends or relatives...but if they do pay it's a plus.
  • My mother stole my student loan money of $10,000 and never paid it back. She asked to borrow it for an "emergency" and well..after she redid her wall paper and carpet and all JUST because she didn't like the color, I realized the kind of person my mom was. Her new philosophy is "I raised you 18 years. You now owe me anything I want". I had to let it go without getting the money back. Now I am paying those loans back and will never finish school or be able to do anything I need to do because she stole it.What could I do?
  • I loaned money to my daughter for a car and got about 1/3rd of it back. I just forgot about it. I'm waiting until I need money in my old age to ask for it. LOL
  • Yes I did. I never leant them money again.
  • Yes i have and i handled it by never lending them a penny again.
  • Yes - but never more than I can afford. Only done it three times. Got paid back twice - not paid back once. I would never be an "ongoing source" for a friend or family member. You know .. for the kind of person who just keeps hitting you up. But for those three occasions, I was happy each time to be able to help and never expected anything back.
  • yep, my sis....just have to let some things go. She could still come around and pay me back. ;)
  • Yes. I handled it by getting over it. Not everyone is going to pay you back. You can choose whether or not to ever lend that friend or relative money ever again.

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