• Nut allergy is an increasingly recognised problem, particularly in children. While it has been recognised for decades, it is clear that the proportion of children affected has increased dramatically in recent years. Its importance lies in the fact that on rare occasions it can kill, and that those who die from nut allergy have not necessarily had severe reactions before to warn them clearly of the danger. Avoiding nuts is more easily said than done. In fact if you are allergic to nuts it is impossible in practice to guarantee that you will never eat anything containing nuts you are allergic to. Fortunately there is a highly effective treatment: adrenaline. But adrenaline needs to be given as an injection or inhalation, and is dangerous if used incorrectly. If you need to have adrenaline available for yourself or someone in your family, it is important that you and anyone else who may have to give the adrenaline should be properly trained." Here is an oustanding Website that gives some valuable information:
  • The reaction of anaphalaxis is an immune reaction that is very strong. Some people need only one or two molecules of nut protein to trigger the reaction. It has that sensitivity due to the immune system being very thorough at detecting foreign bodies. Why the incidence of it is rising is a mystery the medical community is working on at the moment.
  • A food allergy is a potentially responce by a persons immune system. The immune system reacts with a release of histamines and other chemicles that can range from mild to life threatening. Your immune system reacts to this allergy the same as it reacts to a foreign antigen that why the range is so large. Your body might act on it like virus then again it can react just the same as putting the wrong blood in someone. This allegic reaction is called anaphylactic shock the symptoms are dyspnea(difficuly breathing)sudden onset hypotension(low blood pressure). As far as the reason many people say they believe that some of the allegic reaction is due to the way there process and the others are allergic to the protein found in nuts.
  • We are allergic becuase we are trying to mutate beyond you. You are inferior - just wait a bit and you will see those with peanut allergies will servive - might even live forever.
  • 1-24-2017 AFAIK you can only be allergic to a protein, and nuts have a variety of proteins. Some nuts (cashew) and some seeds (apple) contain cyanide too.

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